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Leslie's Pool Opening Kits

Summer is inching closer, and the temperature is rising. That can only mean one thing – it’s just about time to open up your pool! But before everyone can safely dive in, there’s some basic maintenance to take care of first. Making sure your pool water is balanced and sanitized after being closed for months can feel tricky. But Leslie’s is here to help! Our Pool Opening Kits are designed with just the right amount of chemicals your pool water needs to stay clean, clear, and — most importantly — safe for the season.

Using a Leslie's Pool Opening Kit is easy. Simply:

Leslie's Water Test Kit

Use Stain & Scale Prevent Start-Up to prevent stains and scale. Then test and balance pool water before adding the remaining chemicals in the kit.

Leslie's Pool Shock

Add Leslie's Chlor Brite stabilized granular chlorine to control algae, kill bacteria, and destroy other microorganisms in your pool.

Leslie's Pool Chemicals

Add Leslie's Algae Control, followed by Ultra Bright Advanced. Perfect Weekly Start-Up is included in Deluxe and Premium Kits.

Clean, Clear Pool Water

Follow all label instructions, and allow the chemicals to do their thing. Then enjoy clear, clean, healthy, swim-ready water!

What's a Pool Opening Kit?

Leslie’s Pool Opening Kits contain every chemical you need to treat your pool at opening time. They come in three different sizes to satisfy every pool owner's needs, no matter the pool size.

The Standard Opening Kit is designed to treat up to 7,500 gallons. It contains Leslie's Chlor Brite, a quick-dissolving, concentrated granular chlorine shock. It also includes Algae Control, Ultra Bright Advanced, and Stain & Scale Prevent Start-Up to open your pool the best way this spring.

The Deluxe and Premium Opening Kits treat up to 15,000 and 35,000 gallons, respectively, by increasing the volume of the chemicals included with the kit. Unlike the Standard Kit, the Deluxe and Premium Kits also contain our newest enzyme and phosphate remover, Perfect Weekly Start-Up.

For a little extra pick-me-up for your pool, you can also pair Leslie's Pool Opening Kits with a bottle of Pool Refresh, which adds a light, clean-smelling scent to the water, and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft after each swim.

Leslie's Premium Opening Kit with Pool Refresh

Open Your Pool the Right Way with an Opening Kit

Even if you properly closed your pool for the winter, several months have gone by. Your water needs a whole new round of chemicals to keep it sparkling! But what are all those chemicals for, and why do you need them?

Opening Kit Components:

  • Chlor Brite granular chlorine kills the algae, bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms in your water. It's also stabilized, meaning it adds a UV inhibitor (Cyanuric Acid) to help prevent the sun from burning off the chlorine in your pool.
  • Algae Control stops algae in its tracks. As the name implies, it controls the growth of algae, and is effective both as a preventative and corrective treatment for most types of pool algae.
  • Ultra Bright Advanced is a water clarifier that clears up cloudy water fast. It helps your filter work more efficiently by coagulating fine particles, such as dust, oils, and other contaminants smaller than 1 micron so they can be more easily filtered out.
  • Stain & Scale Prevent Start-Up does exactly what it says on the label — it prevents scale and metal staining in your pool!
  • Perfect Weekly is a multi-purpose maintenance chemical that, when used weekly, will keep your water clean and clear all summer long. Not only does it help remove and manage phosphates, which are a food source for algae, but it also contains enzymes to break down organic contaminants, helping your sanitizer work more efficiently. The third part of the unique Perfect Weekly formula is a chemical water barrier, which acts as a solar cover to conserve water and energy. This liquid solar cover is only found in the original Leslie's Perfect Weekly formula, not the Perfect Weekly Start-Up included with the Opening Kits.

How To Use a Pool Opening Kit

The assortment of chemicals might seem overwhelming at first. But don't fret! Leslie’s has downloadable step-by-step instructions for using our Pool Opening Kits:

Leslie's Standard Pool Opening Kit Instructions (for pools up to 7,500 gallons)
Leslie's Deluxe Pool Opening Kit Instructions (for pools up to 15,00 gallons)
Leslie's Premium Pool Opening Kit Instructions (for pools up to 35,000 gallons)

If you follow the instructions and carefully read all your chemical labels for handling, dosage, and application guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to properly opening your pool. For a few extra tricks to make your pool opening process go more smoothly, we suggest taking a look at our Top 10 Pool Opening Tips or the Leslie's Pool Opening Guide.

Leslie's Pool Opening Kits

Make a Splash with a Leslie's Opening Kit!

Opening up your pool for the summer doesn’t have to be a painstaking chore. With Leslie’s Pool Opening Kits, you can have your water clean, safe, and beautiful — and ready for swimming — in no time. By taking the guesswork out of chemical types and dosages, there's no need to gather each chemical individually or wonder about what products you'll need. With one of our convenient Pool Opening Kits, you'll find everything you need to start your pool up yourself! Just purchase the right kit for your pool size, and you're ready to get started. Not sure what size of pool you have? Check out our blog post, How to Calculate Pool Volume.

If you have any questions, call or visit your local Leslie's to talk to one of our pool care experts. At Leslie's, We Know Pools, and we're here to help! If you decide you'd like to have one of our certified service professionals open the pool for you, you can also schedule an appointment for Leslie's pool opening services, which are available in select areas. Simply order your kit, book your appointment, and start looking forward to swim season! We'll take care of the rest.

Essential Pool Opening Chemicals

Leslie's Premium Opening Kit Bundle

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Leslie's Pool Shock

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Leslie's 3 inch Jumbo Tabs

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