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Leslie's Freeze Protection Service

Owning a pool in climates that reach freezing cold temperatures can cause issues for pool and spa owners. This is especially true if they don't have any sort of pool freeze protection. During these temperature drops, water freezes and expands its volume by about 9%. This expansion can cause all kinds of issues for pool equipment and plumbing.

pool freeze protection during heavy weather

The expansion of freezing water causes intense pressure in pool equipment and plumbing lines. They often crack or break open under the pressure, resulting in costly repairs. Turning your pump and heater on when temperatures drop keeps water from becoming stagnant in equipment and plumbing. In turn, this can reduce, if not eliminate, the chances of freeze damage.

Freeze Protection Units allow pool and spa owners to set a desired temperature where their pump and heater will automatically turn on. Once the climate drops to the specified temperature, the Freeze Protection Unit kicks in. It turns on your pump and heater to keep the water moving, which will help prevent freeze expansion.

Choosing and Installing Freeze Protection Units

Leslie's carries several different types of Freeze Protection Units, so we're sure to have the one right for you. It's important to ensure the best fit for your pool system.

Have one of our trained service technicians come to your house, evaluate your pool, and determine the proper solution for your pool or spa.

Our Leslie's trained service technicians are licensed, bonded, insured, and are experts in their field. To avoid any hassle and ensure installation goes properly, our technicians will help you choose the right Freeze Protection Unit for your pool and install it, as well.

To make an appointment with one of Leslie's trained service technicians, visit our services page, or stop by your local Leslie's to request an appointment.

If you are looking for maximum protection from freeze damage, and you're ready to winterize your pool, we also carry a large selection of pool closing products. With a little help from Leslie's, it's easy to protect your pool and spa through the off-season.

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