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Leslie's AccuBlue Home® FAQ

Using Leslie's AccuBlue Home® is the most convenient and comprehensive way to test and manage your pool's health and water balance. But as with any product that might be new to you, it's normal to have questions about how it works and what to expect. In this article, we'll answer the top ten frequently asked questions about Leslie's AccuBlue Home. Whether you're a new AccuBlue Home member or simply looking for more information, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about your AccuBlue Home device.

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What supplies do I need for my AccuBlue Home device?

Your AccuBlue Home device includes everything you need to test your pool water, generate comprehensive water test results, and receive customized treatment plans. With your device, you will receive five AccuBlue test disks and all the accessories needed to fill your test disks and operate your device. Additional testing disks are available online exclusively for active AccuBlue Home members at

How do I clean my syringe between tests?

Always clean syringes between water samples. Pump air in and out of the syringe a few times to clear the previous sample. You can also rinse the syringe with a small amount of the next water sample before filling the test disk.

When do my AccuBlue Home membership credits expire?

The AccuBlue Home membership credits expire 365 days after the issue date.

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How will I get my AccuBlue membership credits?

You will receive $50 in Leslie's credit every month when your AccuBlue Home membership fee is charged.

You can view your AccuBlue membership credit online by logging in to your Leslie's account and navigating to “My Account.” You will also receive an email with your AccuBlue Home membership credit, along with a PIN code, for your records.

It's easy to redeem your AccuBlue membership credits in store, online, and through the mobile app. When shopping in store, just provide your phone number or email address at checkout, and the store associate will apply your available credits toward your purchase. When shopping online or in the mobile app, your credits will be visible in checkout to select and apply toward your purchase.

Can I skip a month?

Yes, you can pause your membership for up to four months during any 12-month period without having to return your AccuBlue Home device to Leslie’s. You can pause your membership by logging in to your Leslie’s account.

  1. To pause your membership for more than one month, log in to your Leslie’s Pool Perks account. Go to “Manage Subscriptions,” and click the “Pause” button on the AccuBlue Home Membership order.
  2. To skip your membership for only one month, log in to your Leslie's Pool Perks account. Go to "Manage Subscriptions", and click "See Upcoming Orders." You can then click "Skip" next to the month you'd like to skip.

You will receive an email confirmation once your membership is successfully skipped or paused.    

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What do I get with my AccuBlue Home membership?

Your AccuBlue Home membership provides the total solution for a clean, safe, and beautiful pool. Specifically, the membership includes an AccuBlue Home testing device, a $50 Leslie's credit issued each month you’re actively enrolled in the program, and exclusive access to purchase test disks at a discounted rate. The device enables you to test your pool water in 60 seconds and generate a comprehensive and easy-to-follow customized treatment plan through the Leslie’s mobile app. You can use your monthly AccuBlue membership credit to purchase any products from Leslie’s; credits are good for 12 months after the issue date. Finally, should you have any questions, your membership includes dedicated customer support for AccuBlue Home members.

What should I do if I have problems with my AccuBlue Home device?

If you have any problems with your Leslie’s AccuBlue Home device, please contact Leslie's dedicated AccuBlue Home support team at

How do I fill my AccuBlue Home test disk with my pool or spa water?

We recommend watching this video on how to fill your disk. You’ll find this gets much easier after filling the first couple of disks.

How to fill an AccuBlue Home water test disk

For detailed instructions and photos to guide you through the process of filling your test disk, please reference the quick-start guide included with your device. You can also find the guide in our online AccuBlue Home Resource Center, or click the link below:

AccuBlue Home® Quick-Start Guide

Does the AccuBlue Home device use batteries?

No, the AccuBlue Home device does not use batteries. It's important to plug it into an electrical outlet with the provided power adapter.

How do I connect my AccuBlue Home device with the Leslie’s mobile app?

The unit connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth, and you control it through the Leslie’s app. The Leslie's app is available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Leslie's AccuBlue Home is the easiest way for pool owners to maintain their pool water health, without having to leave the house. By understanding how to use the system, what it measures, and how to interpret the results, you can keep your pool in optimal condition all season long. For any other questions about AccuBlue Home, check out our AccuBlue Home Resource Center, or contact our dedicated AccuBlue Home support team.

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