Learn About Choosing the Right Pool Shock

If you’re a pool owner, chances are you’ve used pool shock in one way or another. Shock is extremely important to pool owners as it ensures clean healthy water. There are three main types of shock and each is used for a different application and environment. It’s important to know the benefits when choosing the right pool shock and when to use each type to effectively sanitize your water.


At Leslie’s we carry Chlor Brite, a di-chlor shock, Power Powder Plus, a cal-hypo shock and Fresh 'N Clear, a chlorine-free shock oxidizer. Each shock plays its own part in cleaning your pool by eliminating algae or removing cloudy water. Knowing which shock does what will help you keep a clean pool without wasting time and money. For more information on different types of shock, visit one of our 900-plus stores or online by clicking the link below.

choosing the right pool shock

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