Incompatible Pool Chemicals

Leslies Chlor Tabs 1-Inch 35 Lbs. Showing

When adding pool chemicals to your swimming pool, it is important to avoid adding certain chemicals with others that may have negative reactions in the pool. You can avoid chemical conflicts by following instructions on each individual product to see when and how they can be introduced to the pool. Make sure the pump is running between chemical additions, which will help disperse the product. You can also add chemicals in different areas of the pool to help prevent adverse reactions.

Calcium Hardness Increaser & Sodium Bicarbonate

Adding a hardness increaser like Leslie’s Hardness Plus and a sodium bicarbonate product like Leslie’s Alkalinity Up too close together is a bad idea. These two products react, causing cloudy water and small solids to appear in the water. It can also cause increased scaling on pool surfaces and equipment. This effect can been seen when Leslie’s Hardness Plus and Leslie’s Soda Ash are added together, as well.

Water Clarifier & Sequestering Agents

Avoid adding a clarifier like Leslie’s Ultra Bright with a sequestering agent such as Leslie’s Stain and Scale. Your water will cloud up very quickly, and this problem cannot be cleared with filtration.

Chlorine & Calcium Hypochlorite

Never mix a trichlor tablet (EX. Leslie’s 3” Jumbo Tabs) with a calcium hypochlorite product like Leslie’s Power Powder Plus. Putting these pool chemicals together in the water can result in a dangerous chemical fire or explosion.

Pool Shock with Presence of Metals in Pool

You should also never add any form of pool shock when there are metals in the water. A drastic increase in chlorine or sustained amounts of chlorine in the water will cause staining if metals like copper or iron are present in the water.

Pool Shock & Enzyme Products

When using an enzyme product, avoid adding pool shock before or after the enzymes. Shock can destroy the enzymes you just put into the pool.

Chlorine & Muriatic Acid

Perhaps most important note of all, never add chlorine and muriatic acid together in the pool. This creates a dangerous toxic gas that can have severe health consequences if inhaled.

If there is ever any question as to when products can be added, always follow the directions on the back of the product and talk to a local Leslie’s professional.


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