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How to Troubleshoot Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaners

Polaris robotic pool cleaners offer numerous time and money-saving advantages to pool owners. With their expert cleaning abilities and advanced technology, Polaris robotic pool cleaners are top-of-the-line products. But, as with any piece of equipment, they can occasionally malfunction, which will leave you with a dirty pool and feelings of frustration. Unless you have the owner’s manual handy, it can be difficult to find a solution to the problem.

Thankfully, you’re in luck! We have prepared a straightforward troubleshooting guide for Polaris robotic pool cleaners, so you can easily reference the problem and find a solution quickly.

Quick Check

If your Polaris robotic pool cleaner is on the fritz, begin troubleshooting by inspecting these areas first.

  1. Verify the control unit is plugged into a standard 120V power outlet, and the Polaris robotic pool cleaner cable is inserted into the connection on the control unit.
  2. Make sure the indicator for the cycle or program is illuminated on the control unit.

Troubleshooting Polaris Robotic Cleaners

The following is a troubleshooting guide for the 9450 Sport and 9550 Sport, VRXiQ+, P965iQ, and P825 Polaris robotic pool cleaners.

Flashing Indicator Lights or Error Code on Display Screen

An error code or flashing indicator light on your Polaris robotic pool cleaner's display screen can be indicative of a few issues. The first thing to look at is the floating cable, which may not be plugged in correctly. If this is the case, simply unplug the cable from the control unit and then securely plug it back in.

If that doesn't resolve the problem, reset your Polaris robotic pool cleaner's cycle by turning the cleaner off and back on, then select a new cycle. Make sure the cleaner is fully submerged when you place it back into the water.

Finally, a jammed propeller or wheel could be the culprit. For more assistance, call the Polaris technical support team at 1-800-822-7933.

Flashing Lights During Cleaning Cycle

During a cleaning cycle, a flashing light indicates that air is being sucked into the system. Remove the cleaner from the water, then resubmerge. As you resubmerge it, wait until there are no more air bubbles coming from the cleaner before releasing it into the water.

Cleaner Does Not Stay Firmly on the Bottom of the Pool

A dirty filter canister or air in the appliance casing are the most common causes for a floating Polaris cleaner. Fix this dilemma by cleaning the filter canister and resubmerging the robotic cleaner. Again, hold the cleaner underwater until there are no more air bubbles coming out, then release it.

Cleaner is Not Climbing the Sides of the Pool

If your pool walls are slippery, your Polaris cleaner will struggle to scale them. Slimy walls are often due to a pool water chemistry and/or circulation issue. Remove the Polaris cleaner from the pool, and test and balance the water. You may need to shock your pool if it's still slimy after balancing the chemistry.

Cleaner Does Not Move on Startup

A faulty electrical connection is the main cause for startup issues. Verify there is electricity going to the outlet the control unit is connected to. If there is no electricity, check for a blown fuse or breaker problem.

Cable is Tangling in the Pool

Only place the required amount of cable in the water while your Polaris cleaner is working. Too much cable in the water will cause twisting and tangling. Wrap excess cable around the cleaner handles or caddy to keep it tidy and out of the way.

Cleaner is Not Cleaning Effectively

Your Polaris robotic pool cleaner has one job — to clean your pool! If it's not doing its job well, first inspect the brushes. If the "wear" indicator is lit, or the brushes simply look worn, replace them. Next, clean out the filter canister. Regularly emptying the filter will keep many problems at bay. Finally, make sure the cable is spread out in the water while in use, and don't wrap it tightly around the handles or caddy when in storage.

Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Error Codes

The following error codes are for the 9450 Sport, 9550 Sport, VRXiQ+, and P965iQ Polaris robotic pool cleaner models. When you're done troubleshooting, press any key on the display screen to remove the error code.

Error Code Cause Solution
1 Pump short-circuit • The cable or debris could be stopping the brushes from turning freely. Remove debris if necessary.
• Check the connector pins for any corrosion or damage.
(2) Right side traction motor
(3) Left side traction motor
• Slowly move the wheels from left to right until movement is smooth.
• If the problem continues, contact Polaris technical
support at 1-800-822-7933.
4 Pump motor overconsumption • Check for debris or hair in the fan.
• Clean the filter canister.
(5) Right side drive motors
(6) Left side drive motors
• Check for debris or hair stopping brushes from
turning freely. Make sure the cable is not caught in the motor.
• Slowly move the wheels from left to right until movement is smooth.
(7) Cleaner floats on the surface.
(8) Cleaner is turned on and running out of water.
• Remove the cleaner from water, turn off/on, then resubmerge cleaner.
9 Cleaner and control box
communication error.
• Turn cleaner off, then back on, to restart
the program.
• Check the connection of the floating cable on the
control box.
• Check the connector pins in the power cable
for corrosion or damage.
• If the problem continues, contact Polaris technical
support at 1-800-822-7933.

iAquaLink App Troubleshooting

Have you ever wished you could turn on your Polaris robotic pool cleaner and set a cleaning cycle while you lounge inside on the couch? Well, there's an app for that! The Polaris VRXiQ+ and P965iQ cleaners are equipped with iAquaLink remote technology, allowing you to connect to your Polaris cleaner from your smartphone. Download the app onto your phone and schedule cleanings, monitor filter canister level, check your pool temperature, and much more — all via Wi-Fi.

If any problems arise with your iAquaLink connection, check your home internet connection first. Inspect your router for any sign that your internet connection is down. If the router looks good, verify that the Polaris cleaner control box is located close to the router. If the control box is too far away from the router, the Wi-Fi signal to your cleaner will be weak.

Troubleshooting your Polaris robotic pool cleaner doesn't have to be troublesome. Follow this comprehensive guide to quickly resolve any problem or malfunction. If you have any questions, stop into your local Leslie's and speak with one of our pool experts! Ask about our free in-store services, including pool cleaner inspections and repair labor.

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