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How To Remove Pollen From Your Pool

When spring arrives and the sun comes out, it usually brings an unwelcome friend: pollen!  This annoying allergen covers your pool on a daily basis, and getting rid of it can seem like a full time job.  Fortunately, if taken care of properly, pollen is easily eliminated from your pool water.

Mistaken Identity

Before cleaning your pool, it’s important to recognize what’s pollen and what isn’t.  Pollen is often indistinguishable from some types of algae, such as yellow (mustard) algae, which is yellow in color.  Luckily, it’s easy to tell the difference. Mustard algae will stick to the walls and floors of your pool, while pollen will simply float on the water’s surface, or stick to the tile and the inside of the skimmer. Pollen on the pool's surface is also easily moved by wind.  As such, if you notice yellow powder floating on the surface of your pool water, you’ve probably got a pollen problem.

Filtered Out

Step one should always be to run your pool filter.  While this may seem obvious, it can be easy to forget if you aren’t running your filter all day already.  Running your filter won’t eliminate everything, but it will keep the pollen manageable. To catch even more of it, though, you can try debris shield skimmer socks. Just remember to check your skimmer regularly so that the water flow doesn't get restricted.

Your next step will be to skim your water manually on a daily basis, usually every morning, since the pollen often accumulates overnight.  To effectively remove it, however, you’ll need a different kind of skimmer net than you'd normally use. Fine mesh nets are specially designed to capture smaller particles than normal.

Taking It To The Next Level

With daily filtering and skimming, you should be able to manage your pollen and keep your water clear.  That said, sometimes, a bit of pollen still slips through. In these cases, we need to take things to the next level with Leslie's Clear Aid. This product breaks down pollen and other non-living organic contaminants while also increasing filter effectiveness.

One other thing to be aware of is that pollen can play host to some harmful microorganisms that live off of the pollen while it decays.  The simplest way to take care of these little guys is to shock your pool, preferably at night.  A chlorine-based shock is designed to kill bacteria and other pollutants, and is the final step in eliminating pollen and its effect on your pool water. But sanitizer can only work effectively if your pool water is balanced. To make sure all aspects of your pool's water chemistry are within proper ranges, bring a sample into your local Leslie's store for a free 10-point AccuBlue® water test.

Fine Mesh Skimmer

Spring Cleaning

Especially in spring, the pollen won’t stop coming, and you don’t want to let it build up.  Fortunately, what your filter won’t catch, a fine-mesh skimmer probably will. Just remember that taking care of it is a daily task!  The legion of pollen that covers your pool can feel like an invading army, but with regular care and attention, you can turn back the horde!

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