How to Cool Your Pool in the Summer

swimming pool aerator

In many states during the summer, pool water temperatures can reach the low to mid 90’s, which most people do not find enjoyable to swim in. A common question in these states during the summer tends to be “How to cool pool water during the hot summer days?”


The easiest way to cool your water off is to use an aerator. An aerator is an attachment that plugs or screws into the side of your pool that sprays a fountain of water being back into your pool. Oxygen is then introduced to the small droplets of water that are sprayed through the air and when it lands back into the pool, it helps bring the pool temperature down a few degrees.

For example, if your pool temperature was about 94 degrees, you may expect your temperature to be around 90 degrees with your aerator on.

To turn on your aerator, your pool equipment should have a valve that needs to be opened. There is no specific valve for turning on an aerator, but most pools have their valves labeled to help you figure out what each valve controls. If you cannot figure out which valve controls your aerator water flow, take a picture of your equipment and show a local Leslie’s professional.

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Once this valve is opened, when your system is running, water will flow through the aerator and be sprayed back into the pool.

Aerators tend to work better in dry climates; however they are still fairly effective in more humid climates as well.

Pool Coolers

Another option to cool your water is a pool cooler like to a Glacier Pool Cooler. Similar in operation to a heat pump, water flows through the cooler and passes by cold air created from the Glacier unit’s fan. The chilled water is then pumped back into the pool. Most people can expect to see a 10-15 degree difference when running the system, and there are optional temperature controls if you would prefer to not decrease the temperature as much.

While the unit is expensive, you are able to get a more substantial drop in temperature because of it and it is much more efficient than a simple aerator.