Different Types of Pool Solar Covers Guide

With the drought in full effect, we all should be looking for ways to save water, especially with our pools. One way is a solar pool cover. Solar covers will reduce the amount of water evaporation by up to 95%, leaving you, the pool owner, to refill less. Along with the reduction of evaporation, solar covers also heat your pool and can help cut heating costs. To help in your search to be water smart, below are some different types of solar covers available.

Solar Pool Covers
Bubble solar covers reduce evaporation by up to 95%. They are made with thermal bubbles to capture the heat of your pool. As the cover lays across your entire pool, the thermal bubbles act as a greenhouse, trapping the moisture and the daily heat that would normally evaporate. Solar covers save your sanitized pool water from evaporating, decreasing the need to refill and re-sanitize your pool. It can also heat your pool up as much as 15 degrees for out of season swimming. The bubble solar covers come in both a transparent and blue plastic for both above or in ground pools. Due to constant sunlight, the covers are UV protected for better longevity and durability.

Solar Sun Rings
Easy to use and light weight solar sun rings can help reduce evaporation in your pool. The two layer UV resistant vinyl will help heat your pool as well as decrease the amount of water evaporation. These rings work great for any pool. The ring design allows you to purchase the exact amount needed to cover your pool, and also makes for easy storage . The solar rings connect to each other through magnets so they stay in place during use. The double layer vinyl helps to conserve water, by keeping your chemically balanced pool water from evaporating.

Liquid Solar Covers
Liquid solar covers are completely invisible, and applying this liquid to your pool creates the convenience that no solar cover can match. You’ll never have to maneuver a liquid solar cover, which means you can enjoy your pool while its working, and it reduces evaporation by up to 40%. You can use Cover Free or purchase a floating device like the SolarPill Liquid Solar Blanket that contains the solar cover chemical. Dosage of the liquid solar cover varies depending on the size of your pool. Liquid solar covers are convenient because can be applied to all pool types.

As you can see there are plenty of options to choose from when you’re trying to be water smart this summer. These solar pool covers and additional accessories such as solar reels are available at www.lesliespool.com. This summer stay cool and cover your pool!

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