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Weekender Best Value Above Ground Pools

Weekender Above Ground Pool Kits are the perfect addition to any backyard and include everything you need for a fast, affordable DIY above ground pool! Leslie’s exclusive Weekender Pool Kits come with a heavy-duty overlap vinyl liner, pool sand filter and pump system, a-frame pool ladder, thru-wall skimmer and warranty. Leslie’s exclusive Weekender Above Ground Swimming Pools are quick to install, helping you and your family beat the heat summer after summer. Weekender Above Ground Pool Packages provide long-lasting style and add value to your backyard.

Round Above Ground Pool Installation Kits

Above Ground Pool Installation Kits are the perfect addition to any Weekender Above Ground Pool Kit. Each Above Ground Pool Installation Kit includes Pool Wall Foam, Pool Liner Guard, and Pool Cove Foam to protect the liner in your round above ground pool.

Why You Need an Above Ground Pool Installation Kit

Pool Liner Guard is a layer of protective padding that prevents rocks or other sharp debris from damaging the vinyl pool liner on the bottom of the above ground pool floor. Pool Liner Guard is placed and laid flat over the prepared base where the above ground pool will be installed, providing a smooth floor and softer pool bottom.

Pool Cove Foam helps keep the weight of the water inside the above ground pool, preventing a high pressure force causing the liner to push out at the base of the pool. Pool Cove Foam is lightweight and features an adhesive strip on the back allowing for quick and easy installation. Pool Cove Foam holds its shape and provides a smooth transition from the pool floor to the wall, preventing any straining or increased wear on the vinyl liner.

Pool Wall Foam adds an additional layer of protection between the vinyl liner and the pool wall. Pool Wall Foam protects against above ground pool wall degradation or corrosion while also preventing potential damage or punctures to the vinyl liner.

Protect your above ground pool investment for swimming seasons to come with an Above Ground Pool Installation Kit! Available in a variety of round pool sizes below:

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Is an above ground pool a good investment?

Owning an above ground swimming pool is a great investment as they provide significant value for your money; adding endless fun and entertainment to your backyard. Want to learn more about the benefits of an above ground pool? Check out our helpful article, Why Above Ground Pools Are a Great Option on why above ground pools are an excellent way to add fun and relaxation to your home for your family and friends.

What kind of above ground pool is best?

At Leslie’s, we’re here to help you find your ideal above ground swimming pool. Check out our expert-written article, Choosing the Best Above Ground Pool for some guidance on some key things to consider, including pool placement, pool material and more!

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