Round Silver Solar Pool Cover Seven Year Warranty, 16 Mil

Item No. 2234403a-a18d-40aa-8ac4-a9ffc664a57c
Item No. 2234403a-a18d-40aa-8ac4-a9ffc664a57c
Round Silver Solar Pool Cover Seven Year Warranty 16 Mil
Round Silver Solar Pool Cover Seven Year Warranty 16 Mil
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Extend your pool season and allow your pool to absorb maximum sunlight with the Velox Silver Solar Cover! More Details
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Extend your pool season and allow your pool to absorb maximum sunlight with the Velox Silver Solar Cover!
  • Round Solar Cover can be cut to size for smaller or custom-shaped pools
  • Ultra pool solar cover uses only the sun to warm your water
  • Built with flat reinforced seams and UV-stabilized resin construction for maximum durability
  • 16 mil thick
  • Bottom layer is aluminized to provide maximum heat transfer to pool water
  • Can raise pool water temperature by up 18 degrees
  • Insulates pool to keep water temperature constant
  • Reduces water evaporation, heat loss, and chemical costs
  • Can be used with pool heater or heat pump to maximize thermal efficiency and energy savings
  • Extend the swimming season - able to enjoy the pool earlier and later in the year
  • 7 Year manufacturer limited warranty

An effective and economical way to keep your pool warm is with the Round Ultra 16 Mil Solar Cover. The Ultra Solar Pool Cover absorbs and traps the natural heat from the sun to increase your pool water temperature. Solar covers are environmentally friendly and a cost-effective way to keep your pool water warm. Being the thickest solar cover on the market at 16 mil, the Ultra 16 Mil Solar Cover provides superior heat retention. The Ultra pool solar cover's revolutionary aluminized bottom and UV-stabilized resin construction enables the solar pool cover to better capture the sun's rays to heat your pool.

How The Ultra 16 Mil Solar Cover Works

The Ultra 16 Mil Round Solar Cover offers you the ability to heat the water of your pool in an easy and natural way. Using free available heat from the sun, the solar cover captures and transfers the heat to the pool water during the day. At night when most water evaporation occurs, the solar pool cover helps retain the heat that it collected during the day. The insulating layers of the cover prevent water evaporation and chemical loss, helping to keep your pool's water levels right where they need to be. This feature saves you time and money of refilling your water and having to adjust the chemical levels.

Enjoy Your Pool More - Swim Earlier & Longer

The Ultra 16 Mil Solar Cover Round captures the sun's heat and keeps it in your pool's water, effectively lowering your heating costs and making swimming in your pool more enjoyable for more days during the year and more hours during the day.

Five Easy Ways to Extend Your Solar Cover's Lifespan
  • Put away your solar cover (covered or in a shady location) when shocking the pool.
  • Place the 16 Mil Solar Cover on your pool only when the chlorine level is below 2.5 ppm and pH level is above 7.2.
  • Remove debris such as sticks and leaves gently and clean the solar cover if dirty.
  • When you need to store your solar cover folded, place it inside or in a shaded area out of sunlight.
  • Adding a solar cover reel provides more convenience when removing and applying the cover as well as helping to reduce wear and tear.

Common Questions:

Can you use a solar cover and a pool heater at the same time?
  • The Ultra Solar Cover can be used separately or in conjunction with a pool heater or heat pump.
When placing the solar cover on the pool, is the bubble side up or down on the water?
  • Install with bubble side down on the water.
What is covered under warranty?
  • Delamination: This occurs when the two layers of the solar cover start to come apart or separate, causing the cover to fill with water.
  • Seam separation: This occurs when the seams that hold the section of the solar cover together start to come apart.
What is not covered under warranty?
  • Bubble Damage: This occurs when the bubbles of the solar cover start to fall off. This is a chemical problem and is often caused by the pool water not being properly balanced. Sanitizer levels should be in the recommended range.
  • Fading or color bleaching out
  • Tears, rips, or cracks caused by the claimant
  • Damages caused by exposing the solar cover to the sun while removed from the pool (improper storage).
  • Damage caused by misuse or animals.

Color: Clear
Cover Type: Solar Cover
Product Type: Pool Cover
Shape: Round
Size: 30 ft, 28 ft, 24 ft, 21 ft, 18 ft, 16 ft, 15 ft and 12 ft
Table Size: 12 ft
Thickness: 16 Mil
Warranty: 7-Year

Seven Year Limited Warranty, see Owner's Manual for a full description of warranty claims and coverage details.