Grasslin - 24 hr Spa Time Clock, SPDT 120V, Panel Mount

Item No. 611447 | Manufacturer SKU: FM/1 STUZ 120V
Item No. 611447 | Manufacturer SKU: FM/1 STUZ 120V
Grasslin  24 hr Spa Time Clock SPDT 120V Panel Mount

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Grasslin (Intermatic) 120V, 21 amp, 24 hour spa and hot tub panel mount time clock without the manual override switch found on the similar 34-0057 timer. Grasslin FM-1 has a black dial and white timer tabs. Pull out the tabs to shut OFF the spa pump or other device, and push in the tabs to turn ON. Simple plug-in timer has 4 screw holes in each corner for mounting and 5 wire tabs on the bottom for power connections. Grasslin FM-1 has movable hands in the center of the time clock dial, for ease of use and understanding. Grasslin FM-1 by SPP replaces or supersedes 017600191, 3-40-0004, 3400004, 340033, 595791000, 801007, FM1STUZL. Measures 2.36"" x 2.36"" x 1.25"" deep.