Winter Hot Tub Accessories

With winter upon us, many new spa owners (and even some seasoned pros) have lots of questions about hot tub winterization and whether or not to keep the spa open all winter. A lot of people also wonder if they can safely drain the spa during winter.

We've talked about winter hot tub tips before, including how to get the most out of your spa during the winter months. Today, we'll show you some handy winter hot tub products and accessories that help protect your spa from harsh weather conditions and make your winter hot tub safer and more enjoyable to use.

Spa Covers


Of course you need a spa cover during winter! Without a tight fitting spa cover in good condition, your hot tub may have trouble staying hot. Spa tops that are waterlogged can lose half of their insulating properties, and a poorly fitting spa top or one that is not strapped down tightly will quickly lose heat. Replace cover clips that are broken or use high wind straps to pull the cover down tightly and prevent heat loss. If you see steam escaping around the edges or along the fold seam, just imagine it as dollar bills with wings.

Spa Caps


It's a cover - for your cover! Spa covers take a beating over the winter from sun, snow and ice. A spa cover cap is almost like a fitted sheet for the top of your spa cover, effectively protecting your cover from moisture and UV rays. The CoverCap is available in 7'x7' and 8'x8' square sizes to fit most hot tub covers. As an added benefit, this cap can improve heat retention performance on covers that are losing heat, and and it helps extend the life of any spa cover. The CoverCap spa cover cap is made from strong woven PE. It features a silver reflective surface to melt snow faster and deter most birds, squirrels and other wildlife.

Spa Blankets


For spas and hot tubs in cold Northern climates, a floating spa blanket can increase heat retention by up to 50%. Without a spa blanket floating on the surface of the water, heat rises to fill the air space between the water and your spa cover. Floating spa blankets are available in three types: the durable radiant spa blanket with an aluminum underside, the floating foam blanket made of closed cell foam, and the economy spa bubble blanket made of extruded PE. All spa insulating blankets are sold in square sizes and can be trimmed with scissors to fit your spa.

Spa Enclosure

hot-tub-gazebo in winter

You may have a hot tub umbrella, but do you have a hot tub enclosure? Sometimes called pavilions, gazebos or cabanas, the Japanese were the first to popularize the use of onsens, or small huts built above a hot spring. Hot tub enclosures are available as inflatable domes, retractable domes, or wood structures with large window panels that can be opened. In addition to protecting your spa from sun, snow and wind, enclosures also can improve the efficiency of heating a hot tub in winter, and they can be the best way to add a little privacy to your hot tub.

Heated Floor Mats


Unless your spa is located just steps from the door, on a covered patio, winter hot tubbers often have to cross a frozen tundra to reach their bubbling spa. Ice and snow can be dangerous, and a slip and fall on your way to the hot tub can ruin the whole evening. For hot tubs in snowy winter areas, consider heating patio pavers with floor heat cables placed beneath, or use heated floor mats to keep the path to your hot tub free of ice and snow. You can find them in many sizes, and also find heated stair mats to use on your spa steps, for safe entry and exit.

Spa Handrail


Speaking of safely entering and exiting a spa, spa handrails are the perfect winter spa accessory. Spa steps may be icy from splashing water or rain/snow. However, a spa handrail helps you make that last big, awkward step into the spa without making a fool of yourself. When getting out of the hot tub, while your legs are like jelly and the blood is rushing to your head as you stand up, a spa handrail is ready and available at-your-service. We have several different safety handrails for spas. One type screws into the cabinet, another type is mounted to a large plate that slips under the spa, and the final type is mounted directly to the spa step.

A Good Hat

accessory hat

This is possibly the best winter hot tub accessory to have. A good hat will not only keep you from losing heat from the top of your head, but it will also help keep your hair dry. When your head is cold, you risk catching a head cold! Along with my trusty hat, I also swear by my spa slippers and robe - two more winter wardrobe essentials for hot tubbers.

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