How to Prepare for Hot Tub Delivery

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If you've ordered a hot tub (or plan to), then it's important to know what to expect. This guide will help you prepare for your hot tub delivery so there are no surprises.

Delivery of Your Hot Tub

Your hot tub will be delivered curbside and will be standing on one end. It will be wrapped on a pallet for convenient placement. You will need to arrange to have your spa placed. It is recommended you hire a professional with experience moving large, heavy items.

Choosing Hot Tub Location

Factors to consider:

  • Moving route between your curb and final placement location
  • Are there any steps or obstacles along the way?
  • Are there any low-hanging branches or obstacles along your path?
  • Choose the safest and most direct route possible

Location Requirements and Prep

When choosing your location for your hot tub, it is important to consider the weight of the (full) tub. An empty hot tub can be very heavy - commonly weighing 350-1000 lbs. Beyond the weight of the unit, be sure to consider the weight of water and occupants.

Water weighs 8.33 lbs. per gallon. So if your hot tub holds 350 gallons, that is nearly 3,000 lbs. in addition to the unit itself. Lastly, consider the weight of the occupants. Be sure that where you place the spa can support that much weight.

It is recommended that you put your hot tub on a level, stable surface such as concrete, stone, or pavers. If you choose to put your hot tub on a deck or raised surface, consult with a contractor to make sure the structure can support the weight of your hot tub.


If you choose to build a gazebo or structure around your hot tub, make sure you are still able to access hot tub components if needed. There is typically a side panel which can be removed to access hot tub equipment.

Note: You should research your county and city codes to find what the requirements are to owning a hot tub in your area. Some areas require a protective barrier or fence to prevent children from accessing the hot tub without supervision.

Electrical Requirements

  • Use the included GFCI cord OR a GFCI outlet (not both)
  • Any metal surfaces within 5 feet of your hot tub should be grounded to the unit
  • Use a dedicated 15 Amp breaker (cannot be shared with other appliances)
  • Do not use extension cords between the wall outlet and the spa (will trip breaker)
  • The outlet should be easily accessible and protected from the weather


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