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Celebrating National Hot Tub Day

FUN FACT! Did you know that us hot tub enthusiasts have our very own holiday? Well, we do! National Hot Tub Day is celebrated each year on March 28. There’s no denying the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing soak in your spa or hot tub. This fun holiday just gives you yet another excuse to enjoy it.

Just one week after the first day of spring, National Hot Tub Day is the perfect time to do a bit of “spring cleaning” and general maintenance on your hot tub.

Clean the Hot Tub

Test, balance and sanitize the water, and clean or replace your filter cartridge. If it’s time to drain and refill the water, take a moment to purge biofilm buildup from the lines. Wipe down all spa surfaces with a cleaning or polishing product to keep it looking like new.

Inspect the Cover

Next, carefully examine the hot tub cover for signs of wear and tear. If it’s still in good working condition, clean it off with a vinyl cleaner and conditioner. This will help protect your cover from the sun’s harsh UV rays. On the other hand, if your cover is cracking, coming unstitched, getting waterlogged or sagging in the middle, it may be time to replace the old cover with a new one. A well-fitting spa cover in good condition is an important factor in maintaining a healthy hot tub.

Take it Easy

If you don’t yet own a spa cover lift, you should strongly consider buying one. A cover lift is a valuable tool for quickly removing the cover. They also protect against accidental cover damage and help prevent mildew. Not only will a cover lifter save your back, but it can also help your cover last longer.

After you’ve spent some quality time cleaning and maintaining your hot tub, it’s time to enjoy the benefits of owning one! Add a dose of your favorite spa aromatherapy, and soak away your stress, aches and pains in the softly bubbling water.

In our opinion, every day should be National Hot Tub Day! Although it only comes once a year, don’t let that stop you from enjoying your hot tub as much as possible. For more tips on caring for your hot tub or spa throughout the year, download a free copy of our Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist.

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