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Leslie's Acid Washing Service

Let's face it, a stained pool surface is a bummer.

The look and feel of a stained pool just doesn't elicit the same pride and joy that a clean, clear surface does. Pools are sources of entertainment; they should look the part.

Most pool stains are the result of poor pool maintenance, metals from equipment, algaecides or source water, or poor water balance. If that poor maintenance has resulted in non-organic issues that have left stains behind, one solution to get your pool looking great again is acid washing.

Leslie's Acid Wash Pool Before and After

What is acid washing?

When it comes to pool and spa maintenance, acid washing is something often mentioned but not always clearly understood. An acid wash is the process of removing mineral deposits and dirt stains from the bottom and saides of your pool. In the process, a thin layer of the pool or spa interior’s surface is also removed. When finished, the acid washing process can give your pool a clean look. It also typically restores about 70-80 percent of your original brightness.

NOTE: Due to the porosity of plaster, quartz, and pebble, an acid wash may not remove all pre-existing stains.

What types of surfaces can be acid washed?

Not all surfaces are suitable to be acid washed, including vinyl, fiber-glass, acrylic, or painted surfaces. Check with your builder if you're not sure of the exact make-up of your pool surface. Plaster, pebble, and quartz surfaces are applicable to be acid washed. The surfaces should be no older than 8 years, and there should be no visible cracks or hollow areas. Performing an acid wash on too old or damaged of a surface can compromise the integrity of the pool or spa. We recommend having our trained professional technicians come out and determine if an acid wash service is right for you.

NOTE: Because some regions have high water tables, which prevent the draining of a pool, acid wash services are not available in all areas. Leslie's also will not drain a plaster pool if the air temperature is above 85°F because of a high risk of cracking.

How do I know if I need an acid wash?

Generally, pool owners will want to acid wash their pools when unsightly stains or deposits start to appear. We recommend proper pool maintenance, which can prevent the need to acid wash your pool's surface. But if you haven't been able to take care of your pool as well as you'd like, or if you are the new owner of a home with a pool that wasn't properly maintained, action might be necessary.

If these signs are present, then it would be a good idea to consider an acid wash service:

  • Major staining caused by metals, minerals, and chemicals that are resistant to stain removing chemicals
  • Scale build-up on the surface

Is it safe?

We don't recommend pool or spa owners acid wash their own pool or spa. Reasons for this include potential dangers involving the materials required. Our service technicians have been thoroughly trained and will safely drain and wash your pool.

As for the safety of your pool's surface, there is a limit on how many times it can be acid washed. We highly recommend taking good care of your pool through a regular maintenance program. Your program should include monthly additions of a chelating and sequestering agent, such as Leslie's Stain & Scale Prevent, to stop metal stains and mineral deposits from forming.

What does Leslie's service entail?

Leslie's Pool Draining Service
Draining the Pool

Leslie's Acid Washing Service
Acid Washing the Pool

Leslie's Pool Filling Service
Filling the Pool

Our professionally trained and certified service technicians will ensure that the acid wash is performed safely and correctly.

On Day 1, one of our Leslie’s service technicians will come out and drain the pool. The following day, they will complete the acid wash itself, which can take anywhere from 4 -5 hours to complete, depending on the size and severity of the interior. For the average homeowner the first time performing an acid wash can take two to three full days. This includes draining, cleaning, and refilling.

Acid washing is an extremely labor intensive project. We recommend sticking to a regular pool maintenance program to avoid needing to acid wash your pool. 

For more information on proper pool care, or to learn more about acid washing and to schedule one of our trained professional service technicians to complete the task for you, contact your local Leslie's Pool Supply store or call us at 800.537.5437.

At Leslie's, we’re here to help you create your perfect pool experience.

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