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Jacuzzi: Commercial-Grade Equipment for Your Home Pool

Jacuzzi Pool Equipment

The Jacuzzi® brand is well known for its spas, hot tubs, and other home wellness products — and for good reason. But Jacuzzi offers a variety of top-quality products that cover virtually all swimming pool needs, too.

From variable speed pumps, to heaters, to salt systems, and much more, Jacuzzi produces quality commercial-grade equipment for use in your home pool.

Jacuzzi understands that water quality and energy efficiency are a main focus for pool consumers. This is why the brand is committed to providing technology that make it easier to maintain a fresh, clean, and clear pool. For more than 70 years, Jacuzzi has produced the highest quality and most innovative pool and spa equipment, including:

Variable speed Jacuzzi pool pumps

Pool Pumps

Diatomaceous Earth Jacuzzi Pool Filter

Pool Filters

Jacuzzi Pool Cleaner

Pool Cleaners

Jacuzzi Pool Salt Systems

Pool Salt Systems

Jacuzzi Pool Heaters

Pool Heaters

Having commercial-grade products that are designed for residential pools allows you to enjoy the same quality construction and elite performance as the professional-grade commercial pools, in addition to longevity and dependability. Innovative and stylish designs make Jacuzzi pool equipment an asset to any equipment pad, while industry-leading energy efficiency standards put money back in your pocket.

On top of the numerous benefits of Jacuzzi pool equipment, Leslie's Pool Perks members receive a free upgrade with the Leslie’s Equipment Protection Plan, which provides extended warranties on all Jacuzzi items. Not a Leslie's Pool Perks member yet? Sign up for your free membership!

Let's take a look at just a few of the innovative Jacuzzi pool products currently available.

Jacuzzi® Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Jacuzzi variable speed pool pump

Reduce electricity costs while providing your family with a clean and clear swimming pool when you install a Jacuzzi Variable Speed Pool Pump. This pool pump is most suitable for use on high-demanding applications for larger in ground swimming pools.

  • Save up to 80% on energy costs. Calculate your savings with the Jacuzzi Energy Calculator.
  • Decreases run time and energy use while still working at a professional-grade level.
  • Long-lasting design resists cracks and leaks for a more durable pump.
  • The JVX300 professional-grade model allows full control from a smartphone app.

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Jacuzzi® Pool Filters

Jacuzzi pool filter

No matter what type of filter you're looking for — cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth — you're sure to find the highest quality pool filter with Jacuzzi. Our favorite is the J-DEQ80, a professional-grade D.E. pool filter that's designed to combine the highest water clarity with all the easy-maintenance and water conservation features of a cartridge filter. But don't take our word for it — check out the entire line of Jacuzzi pool filters for yourself to find the model that's right for your pool.

  • Optimal performance in all conditions.
  • Superior construction provides maximum strength and longevity.
  • Low maintenance designs allow you to enjoy the pool more.

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Jacuzzi® Automatic Pool Cleaners

Jacuzzi robotic pool cleaner

Jucuzzi packs a punch when it comes to pool cleaners. The new JCRX robotic pool cleaner provides a thorough, powerful clean throughout the entire pool. The rotating bristles scrub all pool surfaces including the waterline, and the spacious debris canister traps large and small debris so it doesn't end up in the filter. Another great option is the J-D300 suction side pool cleaner. Offering strong cleaning power with as few moving parts as possible, the J-D300 installs in just minutes without any tools and no booster pump required. It includes 40 feet of installation hose and a free replacement diaphragm for your convenience.

  • Covers more pool area in less time than standard cleaners.
  • Saves you on maintenance and installation time.

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Jacuzzi® Pool Salt Chlorination Systems

Jacuzzi J-SS40 Pool Salt System

The J-SS40 is a professional-grade salt chlorinating system for swimming pools up to 40,000 gallons. It's a 7-Series salt chlorinator designed to offer you outstanding and reliable chlorination, reverse polarity self-cleaning technology, and low maintenance with ease of use and installation.

  • Automatically disinfects and sanitizes pool and spa water.
  • Clear salt cell allows you to inspect the cell for corrosion or other wear-and-tear.
  • Self-cleaning and low maintenance with durable construction and long-life cooling fan.

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Jacuzzi® Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps

Jacuzzi JHN pool heater

Jacuzzi pool heaters and heat pumps are engineered to quickly heat your pool or in-ground spa. They work with today’s energy efficient variable speed pumps through high and low speeds. The JHN natural gas pool heaters use a cupro-nickel heat exchanger with a self-cooling design, fan heat induction, stainless steel components, and pre-mixed combustion for low emissions. The same can be said for the JHP propane heaters. Jacuzzi JHX professional-grade heat pumps have a titanium heat exchanger, proven to resist damage from pool chemistry.

  • Microprocessor-controlled thermostat for precise temperature control at the press of a button.
  • Self-diagnostic feature easily identifies what is going on with the heater at all times.
  • Run time and cycle meter provides a report of how long the natural gas/propane heater has run and how many times it has fired.
  • Small footprint is ideal for all pool types.

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There are many other Jacuzzi pool equipment solutions that provide a professional level at-home pool experience. This includes pool and spa lighting, submersible cover pumps, cleaning and maintenance products, pool automation, sanitation options, and more. For additional information on any Jacuzzi product, contact or stop by your local Leslie's store.

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