Introducing the Polaris P825, Our New Favorite Robotic Pool Cleaner!

I test a lot of pool cleaners. The results are, more or less, often the same. The cleaner does a decent job, but fails to "wow" me. The Polaris P825 was an exception. This cleaner exceeded my expectations in every aspect of testing.

My 3 Key Criteria for Judging New Cleaners:

  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Ease of Use


The Polaris P825 is a solid cleaner. When picking up the P825 you'll immediately notice the cleaner feels structurally sound and well designed. On the bottom of the cleaner, all terrain tank treads flank both sides of the cleaner and feel rigid and durable. The P825 is upgraded with a multi-surface rubber band, improving upon past designs we've seen from Polaris and feels like it's built to last. Without being able to look into the future, it's hard to predict the long-term durability of the cleaner, but we're impressed with the P825, and the future is looking very promising.


I have never seen a cleaner scrub the waterline so thoroughly. The automatic controls make this incredibly simple, including the option to clean your pool floor or both the pool floor and walls. When maneuvering throughout the pool, the P825 has an impressive ability to make good decisions based on the pool terrain it faces. When encountering problematic areas, such as pool steps or drains, the P825 makes the necessary adjustments to maneuver around the obstacle without disrupting the cleaning cycle.

Ease of Use

The filter canister has a clear lid, so you can see how much debris the cleaner has picked up. Although this is not a technological miracle, it is insanely helpful to see exactly when you need to clean the canister. Before the clear lid upgrade, it would be a guessing game, and a hassle to remove the cleaner just to check the canister. Now you can monitor the debris level while the P825 stays in the pool during a cleaning cycle. I am surprised other cleaners did not utilize a clear lid sooner.

I'm not sure how Polaris did it, but they managed to (finally) create hose that does not become a tangled mess. I've tested dozens of robotic cleaners, and the hose has always been a nightmare to straighten out before a cleaning cycle, and wind back up after a cycle is finished.

Final Thoughts

Out of the box we were surprised at how well the Polaris P825 did. The overall construction seems very durable and it cleaned our test pool without any faults. The versatility around problematic areas proved to be successful and other pool cleaners on the market could learn a lot from the new filter design of the P825.

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