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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pool Owners

If you haven't started thinking about holiday shopping yet, don't panic! There's still plenty of time to find the perfect present for the pool owners and swimming enthusiasts in your life. You might be scratching your head, wondering what would make a great gift for someone who loves swimming pools. But you're in luck – there are MANY options available, and we've included items for every budget. Let's dive right in, shall we? Here are some of the most popular pool gift ideas this season:

squidivers pool dive toys

Awesome Stocking Stuffers

Dive Toys

Looking for a small or inexpensive gift that fits inside a stocking? Grab some dive toys! Individual sets start under $10, or get a complete assortment of seven unique sets for $20. No matter which style you choose, this is one gift that the whole family can enjoy. You can easily turn diving toys into a competitive group activity. To up the challenge, try setting up an obstacle course using swim-thru rings.

uv sanitizer for smartphones

UV Phone Sanitizer

We wash and sanitize our hands several times a day. But the one thing we touch the most – our cell phones – will often bring the germs right back to us. Break the cycle with a UV-Turtle Phone Sanitizer. Sanitize your smart phone in less than 10 minutes by killing off 99.9% of surface germs with natural UV light. This sanitizer also works great for other small items like earphones and jewelry. If it can fit in the case, it can be sanitized!

zuru x shot fast fill water gun

Zuru X-Shot Nano

The smallest in the X-Shot line of water guns, the X-Shot Nano packs a mighty punch in a small package. Unlike other water guns, its Fast-Fill action refills the water reservoir in as little as one second. You'll spend more time spraying, and less time reloading! For only $5, you'll have friends and family looking forward to an epic water fight when the pool reopens in a few short months. We also have larger versions that might not fit in a stocking, but will definitely fit as a pool gift under the tree.

Fun Poolside Gifts

giant glitter dragon pool float

Cool Pool Floats

You can never go wrong with the gift of an awesome pool float. With so many options online and in-store, it's easy to find something for everyone on your list. Plus, the selection changes each year, so it's really easy to find a cool new float that your gift recipient doesn't have yet. From classic inflatables to vibrant sparkling animals, we carry just a little bit of everything for floaters young and old. Cartoon characters, sports team memorabilia, giant pizza slices, LED lights, holographic finishes ... you name it, we've got it.

Motorized Pool Lounge

pool candy motorized inflatable lounge

Speaking of cool floats, have you seen the latest in pool comfort?! Motorized pool loungers are the best way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the water, and they make amazing gifts. Don't just float, DRIVE around the pool. Soak up the sun, move over to the shade, or get a 360º view of your surroundings at the touch of a button. The powerful dual 66-watt motors included with the Pool Candy Splash Runner are ideal for pool use, or you can take it with you for fun day at the lake. Its high backrest, lower back support, broad armrests with cupholders, and extended leg area ensures maximum comfort for passengers up to 300 pounds.

Inflatable Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub

Want to enjoy the benefits of a spa or hot tub, but don't want to spend thousands of dollars to get one? We have an idea ... just get an inflatable hot tub! The pool might be closed for the winter, but you can still enjoy the water during the off-season with one of these. The gift of relaxation is one that just keeps on giving! Hot tubs like the one pictured can seat up to four adults comfortably, so it's perfect for entertaining friends and family, also. Don't forget to enhance each warm and bubbly soaking session with your favorite bottle of spa aromatherapy (pssst...these make great stocking stuffers, too!).

Fun and Games

bulzibucket game for backyard and pool use

Whether in the pool or out, no backyard gathering is complete without a fun game or two. From traditional water games to tailgating favorites, Leslie's has dozens of fun recreational items and innovative games to choose from. Maybe you're looking to slam some hoops with a pool basketball set. Or perhaps you've been eyeing a cornhole set or a game of washer toss. If you're looking for something a little more unique, such as a floating golfing green or a giant elephant sprinkler, we've still got you covered. Take a look at all the cool things we have to offer in our Toys and Games category. You can also stop by your local Leslie's store to see for yourself.

Backyard & Patio Accessories

inflatable outdoor projector screen

Here's an idea that's just as much fun as it is practical. During the cold off-season months, the last thing on anybody's mind is swimming in the pool. But even when the weather is chilly and the pool is closed, that doesn't mean you can't make the most of your backyard space. Besides, no one wants to stay cooped up in the house all winter! Make the winter months just a little more bearable with the gift of a few backyard accessories around the pool.

To keep the patio nice and cozy, invest in a fire pit or patio heater. There are many stylish options to choose from, and many have a modern aesthetic that fits right in with any backyard theme. Don't have anywhere to sit around a fire pit? Take care of that with some cozy seating. Patio looking a little cluttered? Upgrade your space with some simple storage options. Ready for a movie night? Try hosting one with a a giant inflatable projector screen. No matter what your outdoor entertainment area needs, you're sure to find it in our Backyard and Patio category.

sonic boom 2 waterproof bluetooth pool speaker

Bluetooth Speakers

Although this one could technically fit under the backyard and patio section, we thought it deserved its own spotlight. Besides, what's a pool party without some good tunes?! Every pool owner needs at least one powerful waterproof speaker to use outdoors. Bonus points if that speaker is Bluetooth enabled and can pair up with other speakers! You'll get all of this and more with the Sonic Boom 2, the ultimate speaker for outdoor entertainment. With up to 20 hours of battery life and the ability to pair up to 50 speakers together, this speaker is designed for all-day entertainment. Oh, and did we mention that this waterproof speaker also FLOATS? Yep. That settles it – this is the perfect poolside speaker.

Pool Essentials

Jacuzzi pool mineral system

Mineral Systems

Help reduce chlorine use in the pool, decrease maintenance time, and leave the water feeling softer with the gift of natural pool mineral systems. Installation of a Jacuzzi JMCS or Nature2 Express mineral cartridge is fast and easy, and each cartridge will last for up to 6 months of active use (or the length of a pool season). When the cartridge is all used up, it only takes seconds to replace it. Used correctly, mineral systems can cut chlorine use by up to 50 percent. You'll have water that's gentler on skin, eyes, hair, and swimming suits. In addition, you won't have to worry about unpleasant chloramine odors. Mineral systems are the most popular alternative sanitizer because they're easy to maintain, and they have a much lower upfront cost than a salt water chlorine generator or an ozone system.

Solar Solutions

solar sun rings for swimming pools

You may have heard about solar pool covers or solar rings before. But do you know how much good they can do for a pool? Solar rings and covers work to reduce evaporation, which conserves both water and heat and helps cut down on chemical losses. They're especially popular in the early and late weeks of swimming season because they help to transfer some of the sun's heat energy into the water. Solar products are great for extending swimming season by a few weeks in the spring and fall.

Solar rings and covers also help increase heat retention and boost pool heater efficiency to save on energy costs. These are one of very few pool accessories that will pay for themselves over the course of a swimming season. When given as a present to a pool owner, it's almost the same as a gift of cash in their pocket.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Jacuzzi JCRX robotic pool cleaner

Give the gift of time this year with an automatic pool cleaner. Pool cleaners are something pool owners don't know they're missing out on until they've used one for a season. Automatic pool cleaners take most of the work out of routine pool cleaning, leaving more time to enjoy the pool instead of maintaining it. Not sure which pool cleaner to gift? That's OK! We put together a handy Pool Cleaner Buyer's Guide to help you dig through all the features of the most popular cleaners on the market today. Your nearest Leslie's store can also help answer questions you might have about specific types and models of cleaners.

Pool Chemicals

Leslie's pool shock

What's the one thing no pool owner can go without? You guessed it – pool maintenance chemicals. At the end of each pool season, old pool chemicals are disposed of so fresh chemicals can be purchased for the upcoming season.

If they haven't already bought their new chemicals for the year, help them out with an assortment of essential water balancers or some water testing supplies. A bucket of chlorine tablets or a package of pool shock will be important for maintaining a safe and sanitary pool. To help with weekly maintenance, a bottle of Perfect Weekly provides three benefits in one convenient application. If your gift recipient has already started counting down to Pool Opening Day, help that day go smoother with the gift of a Pool Opening Kit.

The Ultimate Gift: A New Pool!

If your family's above ground pool is looking a little old and dilapidated, you might be thinking about upgrading to a newer model. Or maybe you're looking to become first-time pool owners, and you can't wait to surprise the family with a swimming pool of your very own. Whatever the case may be, if you're buying the ultimate gift this year – a new swimming pool – it's probably not going to fit underneath the tree. Not to worry! There are a number of fun ways you can gift the pool and make it a memorable holiday moment.

gift wrapped swimming pool

Planning the Big Reveal

If you set up "Elf on a Shelf" scenes during the holiday season, you might drop subtle hints in the days leading up to the pool gift exchange. One day it might be the elf sunning in a lounge chair or a mini pool float. The next day, the elf might be diving into a sink or admiring their new swimwear in the mirror. It might even get caught riding a floating rubber ducky in the bathtub. Or it may act as the lifeguard for a whole flock of floating duckies. The options are endless – get creative, and have some fun with it!

Another option is to wrap a single smaller gift for each member of the family. In those packages, include fun pool-related items like goggles, flip flops, swimsuits, beach balls, printed towels, pool floats, dive toys, sunscreen, pool signs/sayings, or even a framed photo of the swimming pool you're getting. What might start out as confusion will quickly turn into excitement as they eventually put the pieces together.

Want to draw out the anticipation a little more? Set up a scavenger hunt! The first gift is a clue, which leads everyone to the next location. Include clever riddles, pool-related items, or whatever else you think might add to the excitement without giving away the surprise. The more challenging the clues, the better!

If you've been able to hide the pool installation from everyone, you can eventually lead them outside for the big reveal. Or, if the pool isn't set up yet, the final gift might be an envelope with a photo of the pool you purchased. You could also lead them to a pool-sized outline in the yard with a gift wrapped pool item and final clue inside. You might even invite the family to break ground on the new pool site. No matter how you break the news, the pure joy that follows is sure to make you grin from ear to ear.

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