Holiday Buyers Guide for Pool Owners

‘Tis the season to stock up on pool equipment, gadgets, gear and toys! Looking for the newest pool float or toy? We've got it! Shopping for a tech-savvy pool owner, or just looking for the best deals on pool supplies? We have you covered.

Let’s dive into our top swimming pool gifts for the 2018 holiday season!

Best Gadgets

Soundcast VG1 Speaker

soundcast vg1 waterproof speaker

Loud and Clear:
Enjoy premium sound quality with this high-end waterproof Bluetooth-enabled speaker.
Why Is It So Popular?
The VG1 stands out against the rest in an over-saturated wireless speaker market. This premium speaker will provide the soundtrack of your summer. Crank it up to 11!


Robotic Pool Surface Skimmer

solar breeze nx2 robotic pool surface skimmer

Skimming the Surface:
Nothing is cooler that having a robot skim your pool surface, taking hours out of your weekly pool maintenance.
Why Is It So Popular?
Save time, energy and money with the Solar Breeze Robotic Pool Skimmer! Not only is it fun to watch, this cleaner will be your be best assistant.


Pentair ScreenLogic2 Kit

pentair screenlogic wireless connection kit

Future Proof:
Control your pool and spa system from any mobile device with the Pentair ScreenLogic2 Wireless Connection Kit.
Why Is It So Popular?
Just imagine - turning on your pool heater before you drive home from work. Or changing your pool light settings from across the globe.


Pool Blaster iVac Vacuum

pool blaster ivac 350 pool and spa vacuum

Not Your Normal Vacuum:
Now you can pinpoint and remove tough to reach dirt and debris from your pool or spa's bottom, walls and steps.
Why Is It So Popular?
This affordable pool and spa vacuum features a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery for up to 60 minutes of continuous cleaning!


"The Gift"

2-Person Sauna

heatwave coronado 2 person sauna

The Life of Luxury:
Room for two, this beautifully designed home sauna will make you feel rejuvenated day after day.
Why Is It So Popular?
Whether you're looking to detox from life's daily stresses, or just want to revitalize your body, the Coronado 2-Person (space-saving) sauna will be your favorite room in the house!


Atlantis Roto Molded Spa

atlantis roto-molded 6-person spa

Soak Up the Good Times:
Take a load of and kick back with your friends and family in this cobblestone 6-person hot tub.
Why Is It So Popular:
Enjoy the endless health benefits in this beautiful, roto-molded backyard spa. The Atlantis Spa includes 28 jets and seating for up to 6 people. Time to relax!


Aquabot Prime Robotic Cleaner

aquabot s600 prime robotic pool cleaner

Aquabot Prime Robotic Pool Cleaner boasts 100% pool cleaning coverage - floor, walls and even scrubs the water line.
Why Is It So Popular:
The Aquabot Prime will be the last pool cleaner you will ever want to own. This powerful robot is jam-packed with innovative technology and energy saving features.


Jacuzzi Variable Speed Pump

jacuzzi j-vsp250 variable speed pool pump

Not Your Ordinary Pump:
Exclusive to Leslie's, Jacuzzi Pool Equipment professional-grade variable speed pool pump will start saving you money on day one!
Why Is It So Popular?
Save you up to 80% on energy costs compared to single speed pumps. Enjoy lower energy bills, while getting the dependability of a commercial-grade pump.


Poolside Games

3-in-1 Basketball Game Set

3-in-1 poolside basketball game set

Slam Dunk:
This 3-in-1 game set includes pool basketball, volleyball and paddle ball options.
Why Is It So Popular?
Somedays you may want to shoot some hoops. Other days, you may want to play volleyball. Why not do both in the same day! Or start a fast paced game of paddleball!


Giant Wood Toppling Tower

block out wood toppling tower

Don't Topple the Tower:
The Giant Wood Toppling Tower measures just under 2-1/2 ft tall - it's huge!
Why Is It So Popular:
Bring this challenging game to your next poolside bbq and have the whole place cheering! Fun for all ages, this giant wood block game is sure to make a splash!


Allure 48" Foosball Table

allure foosball table

Fast and Fun:
All the fun and excitement of a soccer game in the control of your own hands! Perfect by the pool.
Why Is It So Popular:
This durable foosball table is made for day after day action. It includes spring-loaded rods and automatic ball return for uninterrupted gameplay.


Floating Golf Game Set

floating golf game

Hole in One:
Fore! The Aqua Golf Floating Golf Game Set is the PERFECT gift for avid golfer, enthusiast or pool owner!
Why Is It So Popular?
You don't need to own a pool to enjoy this fun golf game. Simply set it up tee mat and floating green in your backyard and begin the chipping competition!


Fun Gifts

Magical Unicorn Pool Float

unicorn pool float

Sparkly Details:
This magical float has a built-in cup holder and handles. Did you see the rainbow horn, mane and tail?!
Why Is It So Popular?
Hello! Have you seen this magical, enchanted Unicorn Inflatable Pool Float?! Be the envy of your social media friends with this gigantic fun float!


Aqua Zooka 12" Water Gun

aqua zooka 12 inch water gun

Fun, Fun, Fun:
12 inches in length, this Water Bazooka will soak your friends from across the pool or backyard!
Why Is It So Popular?
The Aqua Zooka Water Gun is affordable, fun and super durable! You're kids will have fun with this pool toy for years to come. Multiple sizes available!


Watermelon Slice Pool Float

watermelon pool float

Try a Slice:
At 62" in diameter, this is one gigantic slice of watermelon! Add some healthy fun to your next pool day.
Why Is It So Popular?
It's not everyday you see a Watermelon Float, which makes for a unique pool accessory. Plus, this is a must-have float for pool parties and fun summer photo sessions.


Inflatable Bumper Ball

inflatable bumper ball

Bouncin' Around:
The Inflatable Bumper Ball is fun for all ages and includes shoulder straps and molded handles for safety. Let the good times roll!
Why Is It So Popular?
Bounce your way to the most fun soccer game in history! This cushioned, super-sized inflatable wearable will have you smiling from ear to ear.


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