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Haunted Halloween Pools

Halloween and swimming pools. The two might not go together quite like candy and cavities, but we're here to show you that not dressing up your pool up in a costume of its own is a BIG missed opportunity. Whether you prefer a simple touch or a total transformation, there are a bunch of ways to use your pool to make Halloween more entertaining this year.

Here are some of our favorite examples and ideas from around the web:

We've got a floater!

There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Sticking a skeleton or another spooky character on one of your pool floats can do the trick (or treat) for your Halloween pool. This is the basic model. Don't miss the deluxe edition later in the post.

Credit: @jackphelandesign

skeleton in a pool float

A bubbling cauldron

This is stepping it up a little. Lining your Halloween pool with candles and pumpkins — and tossing a few other pumpkins in the water — is always a great touch. The real pro move here is adding a quarter of a cup of dish soap to the spa and letting it foam over into the pool. If you don't have a connected spa, add a little laundry soap and point your pool returns toward the surface.


pumpkins and fun suds in a pool

CLEANING UP: After you're done with the fun, be sure to shock your pool to break up the foam, and run your filter. An enzyme product can help break down the suds even faster. Skimming the extra foam off the top will help, too — wrap your leaf skimmer attachment in an old T-shirt or pillowcase to speed up the job.

Sink or swim, Jack

Another easy way to add some Halloween spirit is to toss some plastic Jack-o'-lanterns in your pool and let them bob around. This particular pool has some bush branches tossed in for added effect. Although we don't support unnecessary debris in your pool, some exceptions can be made in the name of fun. Just be sure to step up your pool cleaning game after the festivities are over.

Halloween pumpkins in a pool

It's a good day to dye

If you REALLY want your Halloween pool to look the part, adding red swimming pool dye might elicit some genuine blood-curdling screams. Pool dye is non-toxic, and when used correctly, won't stain your pool. The color will dissipate over 3–5 days and won't leave a trace when it's done.

Red Pool Dye

Bye bye, Captain

As promised, here is the deluxe edition of a skeleton in a float. This guy knows how to party! Here's to hoping you have almost as much fun as he does this Halloween, with or without the "BOOs!"

Skeleton in Pool

Don't forget to always practice proper pool safety when you, your family, and friends are in or around the pool. For more fun ways to enjoy your pool and keep it properly maintained, call or visit your local Leslie's.

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