Great Gifts for Hot Tubbers

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hot tub gifts

Looking for hot tub gift ideas? Shopping for friends and family can be hard. It's important to consider both their wants and needs when purchasing a gift. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find something that's unique and that can be used and appreciated. Some of the best gifts are those that help make the person's day-to-day life easier or more comfortable.

If you're looking to buy gifts for your favorite hot tubber, you're in luck! This week's blog is full of great gift ideas for spa and hot tub owners. We've pulled out all the stops in this new list of gift ideas, from fun and unique spa accessories to helpful maintenance kits and packages. Your gift is sure to be a big hit!

az propane fire pit heaterSpa Side Patio Heater

When the weather outside turns cool at night, having a free-standing propane patio heater sitting next to the tub is sooo nice. Once only affordable for high end restaurant patios, prices for full size patio heaters have dropped to levels that everyone can afford. For instance, AZ Patio Heaters has a model starting at $180, with 48K BTU output and standing 87" tall. The adjustable flame lets you dial in the amount of heat output, and wheels allow you to tip and move the heater around to different locations on your patio or deck. If you're looking for something a little more decorative or something that can be used under a shorter patio, AZ Patio Heaters also makes a propane fire pit starting at $354 . The stylish slate top and slatted aluminum design pair well with just about any backyard setting. It's multi-functional, and the convertible lid allows it to be used as a small table when the flame is not in use.

Cantilevered Umbrella

For spas and hot tubs that are out in the open, a cantilevered umbrella is great for providing shade and protection from the elements. Shade not only keeps the user comfortable, it also protects the spa cover and spa cabinet from UV rays. Even so, the most common reason to use an umbrella over a spa is to block rain and snow while using the hot tub. Sure, a soft rain or lightly falling snow can be nice while in a spa, but too much of a good thing can spoil your soak. What once cost thousands of dollars a decade ago is now quite affordable. Our 9' diameter hot tub umbrellas make great gifts at $299, and they're available in a wide variety of colors.

Towel Warmer

For the ultimate spa experience, what's better than a toasty towel? Roll up two towels, close the lid and turn it on. A 50 minute timer shuts off the appliance automatically for safety reasons. But that's perfect for a hot tub session, which shouldn't exceed 30 minutes. Like many of the items on this page, towel warmers were once found only at high end resorts, and cost nearly $1,000 when they were first introduced. Nowadays, they make affordable gifts and everyone can buy an electric towel warmer. Find one for just $90 on Hammacher Schlemmer.

custom wooden spa signCustom Hot Tub Rules Sign

Amusing and whimsical, custom hot tub rules signs collect the most common hot tub sayings like "what happens in the tub stays in the tub," "swimsuits optional," or you can opt for tamer messaging about relaxation. Custom signs, available on Etsy and other craft sites, allow you to order it with custom sayings or include the family name. For as little as $10-$50 you can give a wooden, hand painted, custom spa sign to your friends with hot tubs.

LED Champagne Bucket

One of the coolest spa accessories this year, the Napa Bottle Chiller with LED lights is a fun way to keep your favorite beverage cold. The bottle chiller softly glows in 24 different colors, with four light show modes and two brightness settings. The rechargeable battery fully charges in just four to five hours with the included AC plug, or you can use the optional solar charger when using outdoors. If the person on your gift list is looking for a unique way to add character to their patio, this product can also be used as a lighted planter. At just $99, the Napa Bottle Chiller makes a great hot tub gift that's suitable for any budget.

LED Plastic Goblets

One of the biggest hot tub rules is "No Glass." Broken wine glasses or tumblers in the spa can be dangerous. Glass sinks quickly to the bottom, and small shards of glass under your feet or in your seat would not be pleasant. In most cases, this can mean completely draining the spa for a complete cleaning. So what can you do? Check out these LED plastic wine glasses! The lights are liquid activated, and they turn off when the glass is empty. Internal batteries last for years. You'll find LED champagne flutes, wine glasses and rocks glasses on Amazon, starting at $21 for a set of six.

Underwater Light Show

This product is one of the more fun gifts for hot tubbers. It's a floating LED lamp that creates a disco ball effect with a splash of psychedelic colors. It's actually made for pools, but in the small space of a hot tub or spa the effect is much more dramatic. Underwater Light Show has seven color changing light shows with auto shut-off to conserve battery power. This model runs on three AA batteries, included in the kit for just $20. We also carry the Bluetooth Floating Speaker & Light Show for $60. This unit is rechargeable, and connects to any Bluetooth device. Enjoy playing music through the waterproof speaker while watching one of the vibrant lightshows.

Hot Tub Novelty Items

Hot Tub novelty gifts include T-shirts, caps and of course coffee mugs. "I ♥ Hot Tubs" is one of the most common sayings printed on mugs, but you can also find "Keep Calm and Hot Tub ON," or "This is not a Coffee Mug, it's a Hot Tub for my Donuts." You can even create something custom for your friend of family member. Every hot tub owner should have at least one mug with a hot tub cartoon or some other reference to their hot tub. Mugs are not just for coffee, either. Hot Tub Mugs can be used for hot chocolate or hot tea, and the steaming mug can be brought into the tub. Check out the cute ones from Zazzle, starting at just $17.

Digital Test Strip Reader

For the colorblind or hue challenged, estimated to affect nearly 5% of the population, a digital spa test strip reader is the perfect gift! But even if you can easily discern between shades of pink and yellow, using a digital test strip reader will definitely improve testing accuracy. This handy tool makes it easier to test the hot tub water more often. Test results appear on the digital screen in just 15 seconds, along with low/high indicators. It stores the previous nine test results for quick reference of water balance trends. The AquaCheck TruTest Digital Strip Reader is only $68, and it comes with 25 test strips to get you started.

Hot Tub Gift Basket

One of the best gifts for a new hot tub owner is to send them a basket filled with spa goodies. It's really easy to put together. Just find a basket and some straw paper at the local hobby and craft store. Roll up a few inexpensive but colorful towels, then add some useful spa accessories. Some suggested items include a cute ducky thermometerspa test stripsaromatherapy crystals and small spa cleaning supplies will all fit nicely in a basket. You can also purchase a spa care kit, which includes many products needed to properly care for a spa or hot tub. Spa care kits come in all purposes and prices from $42 and up.