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Best Chlorine: Leslie's 3" Jumbo Tabs

You may be asking yourself, “What’s so great about Leslie’s 3" Jumbo Tabs?” Besides, all stabilized chlorine tablets are the same, right?! Nope, not even close.

If you’re using trichlor as your primary chlorine sanitizer, it’s important to use quality products in your pool to achieve the best results. From the ingredients to the manufacturing process, Leslie’s chlorine tablets are some of the best chlorine tabs on the market. Here’s why.

What’s in a Stabilized Chlorine Tablet?

When shopping for stabilized 3” chlorine tablets, the first step is to look at the ingredients on the product label. The highest quality product will have the maximum percentage of active ingredients and the lowest percentage of inert ingredients. Leslie’s offers best-in-class for both categories, with 99% pure Trichloro-s-triazinetrione.

Other manufacturers sometimes add binders, fillers, glue, or other additives to help keep the tabs together, which lowers the percentage of active ingredients. The problem is that those additives don’t just go away. They linger in your pool water, and gradually build up on pool surfaces, plumbing, and equipment over time.

The next thing to look at is the amount of available chlorine. Leslie’s tabs use the purest ingredients, with a 99% active ingredient level and 90% available chlorine, which is the highest rating on the market. Very few others can match those percentages, and most tablets produced by other companies only offer 85% available chlorine.

pile of 3" stabilized chlorine tablets

Manufacturing Makes a Difference

All stabilized chlorine tablets are manufactured using the press method. There are two types of presses. The first is the rotary press, which can make numerous tabs at once. The other can only produce one or two tabs at a time. Both types of presses make great tablets, as long as they use top-of-the-line raw materials.

If the raw trichlor isn’t of the highest quality, or if it is diluted with fillers, it produces an inferior product that dissolves too quickly and/or unevenly. This results in an inconsistent chlorine level in your pool. When this happens, the high/low fluctuation can leave your pool water vulnerable to algae growth.

Leslie’s manufactures our own tablets from start to finish, controlling the entire process to ensure the highest quality product. The process starts by adding first-rate pure trichlor into a large machine hopper, where it’s then dropped down into a pressing machine. This machine uses significant pressure to compact the tablets. Only two chlorine tablets are pressed at a time to ensure that each one has a consistent density all the way through. We have perfected the amount of time and pressure required to create the longest-lasting, slowest-dissolving tablets on the market, without the need for binding agents or fillers. With Leslie’s stabilized chlorine tabs, you can rest easy knowing that your pool will have a constant, consistent level of available chlorine. We guarantee it!

Leslie's 3" Jumbo Tabs stabilized trichlor chlorine tablets for swimming pools

DID YOU KNOW? Leslie’s 3” Jumbo Tabs weigh 8 ounces each. Some of the lower quality tablets produced by our competitors only weigh 7 ounces. Not only do Leslie’s tablets boast the highest available chlorine percentage, but we also give you more product per unit in our densely compacted tablets. This product quality discrepancy really starts adding up when filling your chlorine dispenser!

The Clear Choice for a Clean Pool

Leslie’s 3” Jumbo Tabs are some of the most respected stabilized chlorine tablets in the pool industry for many reasons. From the highest quality ingredients to our industry-leading manufacturing and packaging process, Leslie's stabilized chlorine tablets are the clear choice for maintaining a clean and sanitary pool free from germs and algae. Stretch your pool maintenance budget further this year by investing in top-of-the-line chlorine for your swimming pool. Stop by your local Leslie's to stock up for the season and learn more about what Leslie's can do for you!

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