Algae Removal and Prevention

This Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies video will show you tips for pool algae removal and prevention to make sure it never comes back again.

  • Do not swim in a pool that has algae in it
  • Leslie’s has all the chemicals you need to make sure you never have algae again

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If you have any other questions about algae, visit or speak to one of knowledgeable staff members at one of our 850 stores.

Video transcription:


Welcome to Leslie's where we make pool care easy. This time of year there's one word that pool owners don't wanna hear, algae. It not only makes your pool look bad, it’s unsafe to swim in a pool with algae as the water may contain viruses or bacteria and in the heat of sunlight in summer algae grows even faster. If your pool has algae, the experts at Leslies can help you kill it and keep it from coming back. No matter what type of algae it is. And at Leslie's you can find all the chemicals, cleaning supplies and help you need to get rid of algae and keep it from coming back.

For more information about removing or preventing algae in your pool, visit or visit any one of our more than 850 stores nationwide.

Note: A newer and more up-to-date version of this article can be found here.

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