Swimline - Big Foot Bath

Item No. 401052 | Manufacturer SKU: 8951
Item No. 401052 | Manufacturer SKU: 8951
Swimline  Big Foot Bath
Swimline  Big Foot Bath
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No More Hounding Kids to Wash Their Feet Before Getting in the Pool

This durable foot bath is shaped like big foot's feet and sits on the pool deck filled with water so kids and adults alike can rinse off the grass and dirt before getting in the pool. Kids - the ones least likely to remember to wash their feet before jumping in - will love putting their feet inside Big Foot's feet, and they'll be more likely to want to wash their feet in the future. Once the water gets dirty or the kids leave, just empty out the water and refill. This bath is a great addition to any pool as it allows kids and adults to wash both feet at one time instead of stepping into a bucket.

  • Big Foot Bath makes washing feet before pool time a fun task for kids and adults alike
  • Helps keep your pool clean and free of tracked-in grass blades
  • Foot bath an easier-to-use foot washing option than a bucket
  • Bath sports Big Foot's toes on either side to make it look like foot bathers are stepping into Big Foot's feet
  • Durable and made for years of use
  • Bright purple design is easy to see, reminding swimmers to wash feet before getting in the pool