Salt Water Above Ground Pools

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Salt Water Above Ground Pools

Salt Water Friendly Above Ground Pools are designed with a hybrid construction of steel and resin components to ensure compatibility with salt chlorinator systems. These pools are perfect for pool owners that would like to sanitize with chlorine tablets, but also have the option to add a salt chlorine generator in the future.

Benefits of a Salt Water System

Salt water chlorinators keep your pool water clean and safe, among other benefits, without all the extra effort or side-effects of manually adding chemicals to your pool. After running through the salt chlorine generator, salt water in your pool will be very low — not enough to taste, but enough to make the water feel softer and silkier. The resulting pool water is much easier on the eyes, skin, hair, and swimsuits, plus swimmers aren’t exposed to extra chemical loads like stabilizers and binding agents.

Learn More About Salt Chlorinators

Interested to learn more about salt chlorine generators and if it is the right system for your above ground pool? Check out the following article to learn the ins and outs about Salt Water Chlorination: Keep Your Pool Clean & Clear with a Salt Chlorinator.

Why Are Above Ground Pools a Great Option for Home Owners?

Above Ground Pools are affordable, easy to maintain and provide a relaxing and fun getaway right in your backyard! Learn all about Above Ground Pools with this quick read, Why Above Ground Pools are a Great Option.