Safety Fence Installation

Safety Fence Installation

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A safety fence provides peace of mind by keeping children and pets safely away from your pool. Leslie's safety fence is also lightweight and easy to remove when you want to have access to the water. Leslie's professional technician will measure and install a lightweight, secure fence for your pool.

The Protect-A-Pool IG Removable Safety Fence adds another layer of protection around your pool! While there is no substitute for adult supervision this strong woven, transparent polyester mesh fabric offers protection against dangerous entry of small children, pets or stray animals by creating a barrier to the pool's edge. As an added safeguard, the mesh surface is climb-resistant, absent of toeholds or finger holds and capable of withstanding up to 200 lbs. of pressure, keeping you safe from unwanted intrusions over your fence.

The sections are made in pre-assembled 10' lengths and can be adjusted to fit any area or any requirements. An exclusive micro-hole system requires only 5/8" holes be drilled in the deck for installation. When you want an unobstructed view of your pool for special events, Protect-A-Pool Safety Fence can be completely removed; plastic covers are provided to plug the deck holes when the fence is not in use. The lightweight fence sections roll up for compact storage and can be reinstalled by just one person in minutes. Fencing comes complete with non-corrosive hardware, measuring template and instructions.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff and technicians will come to your house and install the fence for you! To have one of our trained, professional service technicians help you with installing a fence, give us a call at 800-537-5437 or visit your nearest Leslie's in-store location. Every pool care professional at Leslie's is a certified Leslie's employee, not a third party contractor like many other companies use. We will be happy to help you with all your installation needs!


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