Hinspergers - Radiant Spa Blanket, 8x8, Thermal Spa Cover

Item No. 404376 | Manufacturer SKU: SPAFL88
Item No. 404376 | Manufacturer SKU: SPAFL88
Hinspergers  Radiant Spa Blanket 8x8 Thermal Spa Cover
Hinspergers  Radiant Spa Blanket 8x8 Thermal Spa Cover
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The Radiant Spa Blanket is the easy way to increase the R-value of your spa, while protecting your spa cover from excess moisture. The Radiant Spa Blanket is a closed cell blanket with an aluminum underside. The surface underneath reflects heat back into the spa water and stands up to chemicals better than regular foam spa blankets.

Insulating spa blankets help save on heating costs, by keeping the heat in the water. Hard Covers stop most of the heat loss, but using a floating spa cover really amps up your efficiency. It also keeps spa chemicals from gassing off the surface and contacting your spa cover. Also prevents water evaporation when removing the cover for water tests, or when allowing the spa cover to drip dry. And it also protects your spa cover from moisture, the number one problem for spa covers. Finally, a small thing, but your nose will thank you when you open the spa cover, and arent hit in the face with that spa smell.

Featuring a lightweight design, foil underside, and radiant technology that helps reduce evaporation saving heat and chemicals, the Radiant Floating Spa Cover is a must have for any spa owner. The Radiant Floating Spa Cover helps protect your spas hard cover from damage and prolongs its life.


  • Prolongs hard covers life
  • Helps save money on chemicals and energy
  • Retains heat with radiant technology
  • Cut to fit spa surfaces of any shape or size
  • Measures 8 x 8

This 8 x 8 square spa blanket is easily cut with scissors or shears, to fit nearly any spa shape. Save water, chemicals, energy and protect your spa cover with the Radiant Spa Blanket!

PLEASE NOTE: This radiant spa blanket is made up of a series of closed air cells. This is not a foam blanket.