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Leslie’s offers a full assortment of products designed to provide an Eco Friendly Pool and reduce the impact to our environment.

Benefits of Variable Speed Pumps

  • Savings on Energy Bills See how much >
  • Available from 1.4 HP to 4.0 HP for all pool sizes
  • Cleaner pool water by using low speeds for longer periods
  • Replace external timers with advanced on-board time clock and programming features
  • Magnetic motors stay cooler and last longer
  • Available in 230V and 115V power supplies

Solar Covers, Solar Rings, and Cover Free will reduce water consumption by 95%. Switching to cartridge filters can save large amounts of water. Solar covers and rings also reduce energy consumption.

Variable Speed Pumps can reduce energy consumption by 72%. Solar Heating Panels eliminate the need for a natural gas heater that uses 1,000 therms of natural gas per year on average. (Note: 1 therm = 100,000 BTUs, a substantial amount of natural gas.) Robotic Pool Cleaners allow you to cut your pump run time on your filter system by up to 50%. Robotic Pool Cleaners also act as moving main drains to help keep the pool cleaner. Battery powered portable vacuums allow you to manually clean your pool without the filter pump operating.

Ultraviolet Light (UV), Mineral and Ozone disinfection can reduce chlorine consumption by up to 50%. The use of enzymes (Leslie’s Perfect Weekly) breaks down non-living organics that consume chlorine, saving on sanitizer costs.