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Leslie’s offers a full assortment of products designed to provide an Eco Friendly Pool and reduce the impact to our environment.

Benefits of Variable Speed Pumps

  • Savings on Energy Bills See how much >
  • Available from 1.4 HP to 4.0 HP for all pool sizes
  • Cleaner pool water by using low speeds for longer periods
  • Replace external timers with advanced on-board time clock and programming features
  • Magnetic motors stay cooler and last longer
  • Available in 230V and 115V power supplies

Solar covers, solar rings, and liquid solar blankets all significantly reduce pool water loss caused by evaporation. Solar covers and solar rings lay across the water’s surface when the pool is not in use, while liquid solar covers like Leslie’s Cover Weekly® form a thin evaporation barrier on the water’s surface to reduce water loss even while the pool is in use. Because evaporation is the primary source of heat loss in a pool, using solar covers can help you save money and energy when heating the water.

And as the ultimate pool maintenance product, Leslie’s Perfect Weekly® combines the power of COVERfree liquid solar cover to reduce evaporation, with noPHOS and SMARTzyme to eliminate phosphates and break down non-living contaminants. This not only improves system efficiency, it can also help reduce how often you need to clean or backwash your pool filter, which contributes to water savings.

Speaking of filters, upgrading to a cartridge filter can save hundreds of gallons of water per year compared to other filter types that rely on backwashing. In addition, cartridge filters offer superior filtration capabilities to provide cleaner, clearer water in your pool.

An advanced solution that removes Cyanuric Acid from the water can also contribute to significant water savings. No more draining your pool to get your stabilizer levels balanced. Simply add a Cyanuric Acid-removing pouch to your skimmer basket as needed to avoid draining or diluting your pool.

Variable speed pumps are significantly more efficient than single speed pumps and can reduce annual pool energy costs by as much as 90%, depending on the system. It’s an upgrade that can easily pay for itself in savings.

Robotic pool cleaners and battery-powered portable vacuums also offer significant energy-saving benefits by operating independently of your pool’s filtration system. This puts less strain on your pump and filter, and improves water circulation without having to run the pump longer.

Solar heating panels are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional natural gas or propane pool heaters, which consume large amounts of resources and energy to operate. But no matter what type of pool heater you use, adding a solar pool cover can help maximize heat retention and heating efficiency to maximize your energy savings. Leslie’s Perfect Weekly® includes a liquid solar cover as part of its 3-in-1 maintenance formula.

Leslie’s stain and scale products help reduce energy consumption by controlling scale that would otherwise lead to inefficiencies in your pump, filter, and other equipment. For example, excessive scaling on heating elements can reduce heating efficiency, resulting in extra energy consumption. Leslie’s Stain & Scale Prevent™ helps protect pool equipment by preventing calcium buildup. Additional stain and scale inhibiting products include Leslie’s Stain & Scale Remove™ and Leslie’s No Metal™.

Leslie’s Perfect Weekly® contains a phosphate remover to help prevent calcium phosphate scale, which can help prolong the life and efficiency of pool equipment, including heating elements and salt chlorine generators. If phosphate levels are above 125 parts per billion (ppb), use a more targeted product like Leslie’s noPHOS™ to quickly decrease the level.

The broad-spectrum enzyme formula in Leslie’s Perfect Weekly® aids in breaking down oils and non-living organic contaminants in the water. An accumulation of oils and organic contaminants in your pool water leads to rapid chlorine consumption. Using Leslie’s Perfect Weekly® helps keep contaminants at a minimum, which enhances the longevity and efficiency of your chlorine sanitizer. Another powerful enzyme-based product is Leslie’s Clear Aid® water clarifier. This powerful enzyme, surfactant, and clarifier blend works quickly and efficiently to remove dead algae from your pool, often without the need to vacuum or backwash. This greatly reduces filter strain and decreases how often you need to clean or backwash your filter. Leslie’s Clear Aid® also helps remove pollen in the springtime and clear up cloudy water as needed.

Another way to reduce chemical consumption, particularly chlorine, is by using Cyanuric Acid (CYA), otherwise known as a stabilizer or conditioner. CYA, which can be found in Leslie’s Instant Conditioner Plus™, acts as sunscreen for your chlorine, protecting it against degradation from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Keeping your pool’s CYA level within the ideal range helps prevent chlorine loss in your outdoor pool.

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