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The Leslie's App is Here!

The Leslie's App is designed to help make pool care easier. From water testing to Pool Perks, and from customized pool maintenance reminders to helpful tips and suggestions, this app has everything a pool owner could possibly need to manage their pool. What's in the app? Let's take a quick look at some of the great features available.

Leslie's Pool Care App


Access your Leslie's Pool Perks account in the app to check your points balance and available rewards. Take advantage of earned rewards, or earn additional Pool Perks right in the app.


Manage alerts and notifications, and receive recommendations and helpful tips from our pool experts. This is all customized according to the details in your Leslie's app pool profile.


Take the guesswork out of pool maintenance. With a completed profile, you'll get customized maintenance plans and recommendations for your unique pool right in the Leslie's app.


View your transaction history, including items purchased, date purchased, and Pool Perks points earned. It's quick and easy to re-order frequently purchased items in the Leslie's app, or you can search through Leslie's online product selection.


Keep track of at-home and in-store water tests, and receive customized water treatment plans according to your customized pool profile settings.

The Leslie's app is a fully customizable pool care tool that you can use to simplify your pool maintenance routine. Eliminate the guesswork of pool water treatment, and keep a detailed history of past water tests and products used. Have questions? Our library of helpful pool content is available 24/7. You can also locate and navigate to your nearest Leslie's from the app to speak with one of our knowledgeable pool experts.

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