Introducing the Hayward Aqua Critter, the Easiest Above Ground Pool Cleaner

The Hayward Aqua Critter is a suction side pool cleaner and a great addition to your above ground pool.  The Aqua Critter specializes in cleaning the bottom of your pool: picking up any debris in its path, even in corners and coves.


Since above ground swimming pools do not typically have a main drain, this pool cleaner also acts as a roving drain for your pool.  Built with the Aqua Pilot Technology, the Aqua Critter will have your pool looking its best in two hours.  With quick installation, you can have your Aqua Critter from the package to the pool in ten minutes.

You might recognize the bottom of Aqua Critter. It looks strikingly similar to the Hayward PoolVacXL, which has been a trusted suction side cleaner for many years. The Aqua Critter uses the same technology, making it an excellent option for your above ground swimming pool.

Aqua Critter Specs:

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