Balboa - HydroAir Microssage Jet, 1 x 1 Water/Air, 16-5200

Item No. 611428 | Manufacturer SKU: 16-5200WHT
Item No. 611428 | Manufacturer SKU: 16-5200WHT
Balboa  HydroAir Microssage Jet 1 x 1 Water/Air 16-5200

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Balboa HydroAir (ITT) Microssage Jet, 16-5200, White color. Stacked Jet Assembly has 1"" Slip Water and 1"" Slip Air connections to accept rigid or flex PVC. Complete Jet Assembly Includes rotating Microssage Jet Internal and flow path - composed of the 16-4200 Stacked Jet Body, Gasket, Fitting with Bearing and 16-5230 Grill and Flow Path Assembly. Requires 2.5"" hole size for mounting.