PVC 90 Degree Sweep Elbow, 1.5in Spigot X 1.5in Socket

Item No. 403962 | Manufacturer SKU: 411-9100
Item No. 403962 | Manufacturer SKU: 411-9100
PVC 90 Degree Sweep Elbow 1.5in Spigot X 1.5in Socket

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This is a FxM Schedule 40 PVC 1.5"" 90? Sweep Elbow SPGxSKT. 90 Sweep Ell with a 1.5"" Slip Spigot connection which fits inside of 1.5"" PVC fittings, such as a coupling, union, or other 1.5"" female fitting. The other side is Slip Socket, accepting 1.5"" PVC pipe. Sweep elbows are used in spa and hot tub plumbing to make a 90 degree bend with less resistance than a regular 90 Elbow fitting. SPG X SKT 1.5"" 90 fitting has a variety of uses, and can save space, or add space (when millimeters matter), to make easier plumbing connections, as opposed to the regular SKT x SKT 90 degree fitting.