Aqua Silk Oxidizer 1 gallon - 13343

Aqua Silk Oxidizer 1 gallon

Item No. 13343
Manufacturer SKU: 49001A
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Aqua Silk Oxidizer 1 gallon


Aqua Silk Cleans & Softens Pool Water Without Using Chlorine

Aqua Silk chlorine free pool chemical system is a collection of powerful formulas that provides crystal clear pool water without using any chlorine. Aqua Silk uses a biguanide-based sanitizer and an oxidizer, as well as an algaecide to give you everything you need to enjoy silky-smooth, clear pool water without having to deal with a harsh chemical odor.

Aqua Silk is just as effective and compatible with Baquacil®, Soft Swim® and Revacil®.

  • Aqua Silk Sanitizer is used in place of chlorine or bromine, creating soft and silky water that is easy to maintain
  • Aqua Silk chlorine-free shock & oxidizer contains 27% hydrogen peroxide, kills organic compounds, boosts pool sanitizer
  • Aqua Silk Algaecide is used to keep your pool algae free