10 ft. Blue Ultimate Double Water Tube for Winter Pool Covers

Item No. 400845 | Manufacturer SKU: UBL10DTU
Item No. 400845 | Manufacturer SKU: UBL10DTU
10 ft Blue Ultimate Double Water Tube for Winter Pool Covers
10 ft Blue Ultimate Double Water Tube for Winter Pool Covers
Keep your swimming pool winter cover secure this off-season with 10 ft. Blue Ultimate Double Water Tubes. More Details
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Keep your swimming pool winter cover secure this off-season with 10 ft. Blue Ultimate Double Water Tubes.

Ultimate double cover tubes are easy to fill about half way to two-thirds full, to leave space for ice to expand during the winter. Place double water tubes end-to-end on top of your winter cover, overlapping the bags in places where the cover barely fits the pool.

  • Ultimate water tubes are available in blue, black and tan, in 8' and 10' lengths
  • Double chamber pool cover bags will not roll like single chamber cover bags
  • Avoid dropping any end of the pool bags onto hard surface as it may split the end of the bag
  • Do Not overfill, as expanding ice may split the bag during winter.
  • Should small holes form, your double pool cover water bags can be patched with any vinyl patch
  • In the spring, clean the vinyl tubes with a mild detergent, water and soft brush
  • After drying, roll or fold and store in a cool dry place through the summer


 How many water bags do I need for my pool?

Water tubes should be placed end to end, on the outer edge of your pool cover. Click the Additional images link above to see our chart for how many 8' double water bags are needed, for different size pools. If you are using 10 ft water tubes, subtract 1 or 2. Remember that it's always best to have a few extra water tubes on hand, for mid-winter water tube failures.

 Double Water Tubes – are they better than single water tubes?

Double water tubes have two chambers, so if one side gets punctured, the other side can still serve as a viable, though underweight water tube. Second advantage is that double tubes don't roll the way single tubes do, especially on a sloped pool deck.

 What can I do to care for my pool cover water bags?

Water bags can leak if they are punctured or they can burst if dropped from waist-high height. Be careful not to drag your cover bags around the deck, they can easily become abraded and a leak will more easily occur. Also, don't overfill the water bags, so that they have room to expand when they freeze solid, without stretching the vinyl.

 I heard that animals and critters are to blame for punctured water bags?

It's true – during periods of winter drought, some smart animals of the forest may learn to puncture a pool cover bag with a sharp tooth or talon, and drink their fill. If you have squirrels, birds, raccoons or chipmunks near your pool, place a few small plastic bowls of water around the pool cover, to lure them away from your water tubes.

 How do I fill these pool cover water bags?

Fill with any garden hose a little more than halfway full. You will find it easier to fill the water bags by spreading the bags out, around the pool cover – and then filling them. Full water bags, especially the 10 ft. water bags, are quite heavy – too heavy to carry around the pool by yourself. Two people can carry them, but be careful not to drop the end on the concrete, which may cause the water bag to split.

 What colors of water bags do you carry?

We have blue, black and tan water bags. It used to be that you could get any color water tube that you wanted – as long as that color was blue. Nowadays, to match a more contemporary patio, pool covers are now available in a Tan color, and so we now also have Tan water tubes to match. Tan is popular, but not as popular as our Black water tubes. Dirt hides more easily on the Black water tubes, which is probably why they can be a popular color.

 How do I empty the water bags?

Come springtime, just pop the top, or open the valve and lift the other end. The water will rush out of each bag in about thirty seconds. After draining, it's a good idea to hose clean your water tubes, and perhaps give them a little scrub with a soft cleanser and rinse again. After the water tubes have dried, you can roll them up, or fold them for summer storage.

 Are these Ultimate Water Tubes really Tough?

We understand your pain. That's why we specifically asked the manufacturer to make us an exclusive water bag that would bring rave reviews instead of frequent complaints of premature failure. If you are tired of buying supposedly "thick and durable" pool cover tubes that don't last very long, the Ultimate Water Tubes are here for you. More than 30% thicker than our regular water tubes, you'll notice the difference immediately when you open the box.

 Can water tubes be repaired?

Use any vinyl patch kit to patch small holes or abrasions on the water tube vinyl. It's the same patch kit we sell for vinyl liners or inflatable pool toys.

Product Type: Winterizing Accessory
Color: Blue
Size: 10 ft