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Pool Lifts

Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial-grade pool lift, we have you covered. Need pool lift parts, covers or accessories? Leslie’s carries all of the Swimming Pool Lift products that you need to make your pool accessible and safe.

S.R. Smith

S.R. Smith offers a complete line of ADA compliant pool lifts that allow disabled and mobility challenged people to safely access pools and spas. Choose from free-standing or anchored lifts, with a variety of features perfect for commercial or residential use in swimming pools or spas.

One of the most popular models, the S.R. Smith aXs2 Pool Lift offers a low profile design, making it an ideal piece of equipment for community and hospitality swimming pools.

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Aqua Creek

Aqua Creek is an innovative company that revolutionized the pool safety industry by creating the Pro Pool Lift — the design that is copied by many but never replicated. Aqua Creek is the trusted source you need for original, high quality and innovative pool access lifts.

See for yourself! Take a look at the Aqua Creek Ranger 2 Pool Lift. The new ADA compliant lift features a field reversible design, 350 pound weight capacity, UL Certification, and comes standard with a 14 inch deck to water draft.

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