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Eden Above Ground Pools

The Eden 52" Above Ground Pool Package is the perfect option for first time pool buyers. The Eden pool package is engineered with heavy-duty steel components and a premium design that will last! Kit includes: Pool Wall, A-Frame Ladder, Pool Pump, Sand Filter, Pool Liner, and Thru-Wall Skimmer.

The Eden Above Ground Pool includes a 52" wall with rugged, baked enamel steel 7" top rails and verticals, and beautiful resin top connectors. Eden walls are made from heavier copper bearing steel than industry standards - 30 to 60 pounds heavier than the competition. Weigh the difference!

Steel verticals are up to 50% heavier than the competitors. This ensures maximum stability. Steel top rails are made from 20 gauge steel and are sturdier than the competition - increasing the strength and lifetime performance of the pool.

Large, pre-punched skimmer and eyeball return openings eliminate sharp edges that could cut the liner during installation. Staggered bolt wall closure provides maximum strength and wall stability. Compact Supports extend only 9 inches beyond the sidewall, not the standard 36 inches used by competitors. This accommodates larger pool models in smaller backyards.