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Benefits of a Cover Pump

Whether you own an In-ground Pool or an Above Ground Pool, Cover Pumps are essential for pool closing season. Sitting at the top of your winter cover, the Cover Pump relieves the pressure off the cover by pumping any water that reaches a certain point at the surface. Submersible Pumps are also useful for lowering your pool’s water level as well as draining the water from your hot tub for the winter season.

Don't worry about snow on your pool cover anymore. Simply let the snow melt and the Cover Pump will remove all the water from your cover for you. The winter season has never been easier.

If you choose an automatic cover pump, they will turn themselves on when needed as water starts to reach a certain level. A manual cover pump however will only run when it is plugged into a power source and goes right to work clearing off your pool cover. All winter cover pumps are able to be fully submersed into the water and can be used for dewatering household jobs.