Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaners

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Cordless Cleaning

At Leslie’s Pool Supplies, we carry a new generation of Automatic! These robotic cleaners take hands-free to a whole new level. Cord length, searching for extension cords, and the worry of finding an open outlet becomes a thing of the past. Experience the future with this new wave of pool cleaners.

Cordless Robotic Cleaners don't need to rely on booster pumps, pool filters, and now even cords. These cleaners twist and turn scrubbing your pool’s walls, floors, and water line without getting tangled up by their own power cord. With quick charging times, get the most out of every power cycle while reducing energy consumption.

For all those hot tub owners you can now experience hands-free cleaning! Leslie’s offers the World's First Automatic Spa Cleaner presented by Polaris. The Polaris Spabot can now navigate the hills and humps of your In-ground Spas and Above Ground Hot Tubs. Weighing at only six pounds you can simply lift it in and out of the water with ease.