LPM - Equipment Protection Plan

No One Protects You Like Leslie's

Rewards Members Get Free Extended Warranties Up To 5 Years

Only Leslie’s offers the exclusive Equipment Protection plan for our loyal Rewards Members. This free benefit provides up to a 5-Year extended warranty on select equipment and we guarantee parts availability for 10 years.

For more information on Leslie's Equipment Protection Plan and eligible equipment, click here for our PDF guide!

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Up to a 3 Year Warranty

The Leslie’s Equipment Protection Plan extends the manufacturer’s warranty for several Leslie’s exclusive pool cleaners.

Cleaner Model Warranty Equipment Protection Warranty
Polaris P39 1 Years 2 Years
Jacuzzi J-D300 1 Year 3 Years
Jacuzzi JCRX 2 Years 3 Years
PB4SQ Booster Pump 1 Year 2 Years

Variable Speed Pumps

4/5 Year Warranty

A Variable Speed Pump protects your wallet by saving you money on your electric bill but only Leslie’s protects your Variable Speed Pump with our exclusive 4 or 5 year warranty.

Pump Model Warranty Equipment Protection Warranty
JVS165S, JVS185S 2 Years 4 Years
J-VSP150, JVX160, J-VSP250, JVX300, JVS270S 2 Years 5 Years

Single Speed Pumps

3 Year Warranty

The pool pump is the heart of the circulation system and no one protects you likes Leslie’s does.

Pump Model Warranty Equipment Protection Warranty
J-P75, JPQ75 2 Years 3 Years
J-P100, JPQ100 2 Years 3 Years
J-P150, JPQ150 2 Years 3 Years

Pool Filters

3 Year Warranty

Whether you’re shopping for a Sand Filter, D.E. Filter or Cartridge Filter, Leslie’s has you covered.

Filter Model Warranty Equipment Protection Warranty
J-CQ420, JCF425 2 Years 3 Years
J-DEQ80, JDE48, JDE60 2 Years 3 Years
J-C150, JCF150 2 Years 3 Years
J-SF24, JSF26 2 Years 3 Years
J-SF24V, JMC16 2 Years 3 Years

Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps

5 Year Warranty

Heaters and heat pumps are a must for those who want to swim all year around.

Heater and Heat Pump Model Warranty Equipment Protection Warranty
J-H127C, JHX85, JHX127, JHX140 2 Years 6 Years
J-HN250C, JHN266, JHL266, JHP266 2 Years 5 Years
J-HN400C, JHN399, JHL399, JHP399 2 Years 5 Years

Salt Systems and Cells

Up To A 5 Year Warranty

When buying a salt system from Leslie’s you not only get the benefits of having a salt chlorinated pool but you get the backing of the Leslie’s Equipment Protection Plan!

System or Cell Model Warranty Equipment Protection Warranty
J-SS40, JRSC40, J-SC40 2 Years 5 Years
JSCS40 2 Years 3 Years
J-SC40H 1 Year 2 Years

Above Ground Pool Equipment

2 Year Warranty

Whether you are purchasing a pump, filter, filter package or heater for your above ground pool Leslie’s Equipment Protection Plan has got you covered! Our exclusive protection program will provide a 2 year warranty which is double the standard warranty.

Model Warranty Equipment Protection Warranty
Jacuzzi Branded JPA100, JPA150, JSA160, JSA190 JCA100, JCA150 1 Year 2 Years


Up To A 2 Year Warranty

Motors are an essential component of any pool or spa, and Leslie's Equipment Protection Plan will keep yours spinning for years!

Model Warranty Equipment Protection Warranty
Jacuzzi Branded JMS75, JMR75 JMS100, JMS150, JMS200, JMR100, JMR150, JMR200 1 Year 2 Years