Above Ground Pool Pumps

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Above Ground Pool Pumps

Above Ground Pumps produce lower flow rates than in-ground pool pumps because they need to match with smaller filter flow rates and a shorter distance to the pool. Most above ground pool pumps are not self-priming because they are installed at or below the water level, so they are always primed with water. Above ground pumps are built with sturdy 48 Frame motors, for years of reliable performance.

Pool pumps function to circulate water from your pool and through the pool filter so that contaminants and particles can be removed to keep your pool water safe and clean. Leslie’s Pool Supplies offers a large selection of pumps for above ground pools that include energy efficiency from the best swimming pool pump brands like Hayward and Raypak.

How to Select a Replacement Above Ground Pump

The best replacement pump for your above ground pool is typically the exact match of your current pump, or the same make, model and horsepower, to match the pool filter design flow rate. If you want to increase horsepower size, you may also need a larger pool filter. Consult the filter label or specs for Design Flow Rate to select an above ground pool pump that will match the pool filter flow rate.

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