Diatomaceous Earth Filter Powder for DE Pool Filters 25 lbs
Diatomaceous Earth Filter Powder for DE Pool Filters 25 lbs

Diatomaceous Earth Filter Powder for DE Pool Filters 25 lbs

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All Natural Pool Diatomaceous Earth Powder Provides Superior Pool Filtration. Enjoy crystal clear water in your pool the easy and natural way with pure diatomaceous earth powder for your DE filter system.

D.E. Filter Powder for Pools

  • For Above Ground and In Ground D.E. Filter Systems
  • DE filter powder is an all-natural filter media that traps micro-contaminants
  • Fine powder that coats DE filter grids evenly to grab dirt particles
  • High-grade DE filter powder removes particles as small as 3 microns
  • Leaves water amazingly clear with less clumping or bridging between grids
  • Replace DE filter powder every time you backwash your DE pool filter system
  • The filter pressure gauge indicates when to backwash. When it reads 8-10 lbs higher than when D.E. was first added into filter.
  • Bumping a DE filter, or performing short 10 second backwashes, will reset the DE cake and can extend filter cycles.
  • Initial dosage for DE pool filter systems: 1 lb for every 5 SF of filter surface area on spring start-up, 1 lb per 10 SF after backwash.
TIP: Cut open one end of the shipping box, and cut a hand hole near the top, for safe storage, and to assist in carrying the DE powder around the pool.

What is D.E. made out of?

- Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae.

How large are D.E. particles?

- Microscopically-small, hollow particles.

Is D.E. toxic?

- It is a non-toxic, but you should always wear a mask when adding to your filter.

How many times do I need to replace D.E.?

- You should replace your DE after every time you backwash the filter.

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