Cover Valet - Hot Tub Booster Seat and Spa Cushion, Black

Cover Valet  Hot Tub Booster Seat and Spa Cushion Black

Cover Valet - Hot Tub Booster Seat and Spa Cushion, Black

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This spa booster seat is a hot tub cushion designed to be weighted with a cup or two of washed pea gravel, coins or beads. By adding weight to the Spa Water Seat it will ensure that it does not float to the surface.

Use the Spa Water Seat as a hot tub booster seat for shorter or younger persons to enjoy the spa or hot tub more comfortably, or use Spa Water Seats as hot tub cushions, to soften hard spa and hot tub seats. Durable surface and thick foam padding will have you sitting pretty!

Our super comfy hot tub cushion and spa booster seat measures 11""x14"" - it is filled with soft foam and covered in a coated mesh to drain quickly and withstand spa chemicals.


  1. Locate the zipper on the water seat
  2. Unzip and remove the included vinyl pouch
  3. The pouch includes (3) resealable compartments
  4. Fill these compartments with washed pea gravel or glass beads
  5. Place the filled vinyl pouch back in the water seat and zip closed
  6. Place the water seat in your spa and allow time for the air to escape from the water seat and sink
  7. Place the spa seat in your favorite seat in your spa and relax