Winter Pool Care

winter pool care
Summer is usually every pool owner’s favorite time of year, but we can’t neglect to check on our swimming pools during the cooler months in fall, winter and early spring.

We recommend following these tips to ensure that you’ll have easy pool opening in the spring.

Check The Pool Cover

If using a pool cover (winter or safety cover), take a once-over to make sure the cover is secure and tightly sealed. For in-ground pools, adjust the water tubes or weights around the perimeter of your pool - again, creating a tight seal. Also, look around for any tears and debris on the cover. If you can safely reach the pool cover tear, we recommend applying a cover patch to stop the rip from getting any larger.

Last, but not least, double check that the air pillow (for above ground pools) is in the center of the pool. This is used to help avoid freezing water and snow to accumulate on the cover. If needed, use a telescopic pole to adjust the air pillow. For in-ground, you may need to use a cover pump to remove any extra water weighing down the cover. Leslie's also offers a nifty product called The Pillow Pal. This product attaches to the center of your cover and another to the top of the air pillow, locking them together in the center of your pool for the winter

Add a Pool Algaecide

If you added a long-lasting pool algaecide during pool closing, you may be able to skip this step. If not, it is a good idea to add an algaecide if your filtration system is still connected and able to circulate the pool chemical. You’ll be happy in the spring when your pool is algae-free!

Add a WinterPill

This is one of our favorite winter closing products. If you added a WinterPill during closing, double check that it is still distributing chlorine. If not, it may be time to add another WinterPill for the duration of the cold season. This product will slowly distribute chlorine while the pool is closed.

Check the Filtration System and Plumbing

You may have disconnected your pool’s filtration system, and perhaps stored some of the items for the winter, but it’s still worth taking a quick look at your equipment for any mishaps caused by freezing weather and winter storms. Freezing water can crack plumbing as the water expands. Make sure the gizmo is secure in your pool skimmer. If needed, you can blow any excess water out of the plumbing with an air vac like the Cyclone Pool Line Blower.

Clean the Deck

Clean the surrounding area of branches, debris, furniture, and anything else that can fall on the pool cover or in the water. Strong winds can knock debris into the water, which will create a mess and disrupt the water balance. Keep an eye on the weather and always make sure your cover and the surrounding area are clean.

We hope this quick list is a good reminder to care for your pool all year round. Your pool will thank you in the spring. Take it from us - a clean pool is a happy pool!