Summer Maintenance


Summer is the time of year where our pools get the most use, and because of that, our pools also require the most amount of maintenance during those few months. If you fall behind, algae and other common pool issues can creep up on you. That is why it is essential to change your maintenance routine once the swimming season begins.

By changing only a few of your maintenance tasks, you can give your pool the best chance to stay clean and clear during swimming season.

1. Stay on top of your chlorineMake sure to shock your pool once a week. A heavy swimmer-load and increased heat can cause chlorine to dissipate and burn off more quickly. Shocking the pool once a week kills off any buildup of contaminants and allows your chlorine to be easily maintained throughout the week.


2. Keep debris out of the pool – Brush, skim, and empty your skimmer and filter baskets at least once a week. This can be done on an as-needed basis in between your weekly schedule as well. Debris that builds up in the pool can cause valuable chlorine to burn off in the pool. If too much debris enters and there is a lack of chlorine, algae has the potential to form. Because of the added stress your pool is under from extra use and heat, taking debris out of your pool is a simple step that can keep your pool sanitized and looking clean.


3. Ensure your pump is running at least 8 hours per night – Water turnover is essential to keeping your pool clean and clear. Proper filtration will help remove particles and other debris by trapping it inside the filter. If your system is not run long enough, your pool will typically begin to look cloudy. If it is especially hot out, your system can even be run for longer than 8 hours.

4. Test your water frequently - Depending on your overall swimmer load, testing one, two, or even three times a week may be ideal. The more you test, you can not only stay on top of your pool more effectively, but you can also start noticing trends. For example, your pH becomes too high after one week and requires one pint of muriatic acid.


The tasks required to keep your pool problem-free during the summer are really no different than what would be required if you never close your pool in the winter. The only difference lies in the frequency of certain steps that need to be taken. The more often you care for your pool, the less likely serious problems will arise over time, especially during the summer.


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