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This Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies video will show you how to maintain your spa.

  • Use bromine as a sanitizer instead of chlorine
  • Many chemicals have specific spa versions, because the strength of those chemicals is better suited for the smaller size of spas
  • Drain your spa every 3-4 months
  • Test your water often

Video transcription:

Hi I'm Peter with Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies and this video will teach you how to take care of your spa. Caring for spa is basically the same as taking care of a pool except everything happens much faster. If you follow these simple steps, you'll be able to keep your spa just as clean and clear as your pool.

One of the biggest differences between pool and spa care is that bromine tablets are commonly used to sanitize a spa instead of chlorine because bromine holds up better in heat. Chlorine can be used but it's recommended to use a sodium dichlor product. Even though chlorine is less expensive you have to add it more often to your spa.

Many chemicals have specific spa versions because the strength of those chemicals are better suited for the smaller size spas compared to pools. For example Leslie's carries a specific version of Chlor Brite that's just for spas

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Spas also need to be drained every three to four months. This will extend the life of your spa and allow your water to be more easily maintained. Testing your water more often is essential for proper spa care. Because the heat speeds up changes in water chemistry, your water has a higher likelihood of being out of balanced.

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In addition to testing your water at least twice a week at home bring a sample to your local Leslies store every two weeks for free water test and analysis.

If you have any other questions about spa care, visit or reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff members at you local Leslie's Store.

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