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Solar Covers - Save Money & Swim More!

Using a solar cover is a great way for families to take full advantage of their swimming pool. Swimmers can enjoy their pool longer and save money, while also conserving hundreds of gallons of water each year by using a solar cover. Below we will discuss the numerous features and benefits of using one.

What are solar covers?

Solar covers are lightweight plastic covers, custom-sized for your pool. One side features bubbles filled with air so the cover can float on the swimming pool surface. Solar covers are a must-have pool accessory for many owners. Uncovered swimming pools are exposed to outside elements such as dust, dirt, debris, and rain. Pool water also must endure varying changes in outside temperature.

How do they work?

When a solar cover is placed on the swimming pool, it begins to trap heat from the sun. At night, when temperatures cool, the cover helps to retain the heat that the water gained during the day. Essentially, solar covers stop heat from escaping your pool. An added benefit of covers is that they help keep dust, dirt, and debris out of the water.

How and when to use

Place the cover on the pool with the bubbles facing down (smooth side up). This helps the cover float on the surface of the pool. Allowing the cover to sit on the pool for several hours, or even a few days, will allow the packing folds to straighten. Then, the cover can be cut with ordinary scissors to custom fit the contours of your pool.

DIY TIP: Take extreme caution when trimming or cutting a solar cover on all forms of vinyl lined pools or above ground pools. Scissors may damage the vinyl liner.

The best time to use a cover is when the pool is not in use. Using the cover during the day will help collect heat from the sun. Using the cover at night will help trap the collected heat as temperatures cool.

What are the benefits?

Using a solar cover can extend your swimming season, allow you to swim longer in the day, and save money. It’s an inexpensive way to use your pool earlier in the season, maintain water temperatures, and extend your season as temperatures cool. It’s also a perfect option for anyone using a gas or electric heater.

above ground pool with solar cover

5 reasons why every pool owner needs a solar cover?

  1. It heats your pool up to 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. It reduces evaporation by up to 90%
  3. It reduces chemical consumption by up to 30-60%
  4. It reduces the amount of dust, dirt, and debris entering the pool
  5. It allows you to open your pool sooner in the spring and extend your swim season later in the fall

Must-have accessories

  • Solar Cover Reel — Using a solar cover reel makes it much easier for cover placement and removal. A reel system also provides a place for storage when the cover is not in use.
  • Natural Chemistry Cover Weekly — Using a liquid solar blanket provides protection from evaporation and heat loss when the covers is off the pool.

Solar covers are truly the most affordable and energy-efficient products to heat swimming pools throughout the season.

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