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Affordable and easy to use, Solar Covers are the most efficient way to heat your pool and extend your swimming season! Designed to retain the natural heat and energy of the sun, Solar Covers can extend your season several weeks after a non-covered pool would be too cold to swim in. Solar Covers are great for every pool and every climate, and can be used on their own or along with other types of pool heaters. They are easy to set up, require very little maintenance, and can often be installed with just one person. Made from top-quality, low-density polyethylene, and featuring super strong seams and Dow Resins that prevent UV damage, Leslie’s Solar Covers provide affordable heating power that will last season after season.

Solar Covers heat your pool in two stages: first by absorbing solar energy to heat the pool, and then by retaining the heat to keep the water warmer longer. The small bubbles on the Solar Cover are filled with air that heats up when the cover is in the sun. The heat from these bubbles transfers to the pool water, and can raise the water temperature by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the pool water has been heated, Solar Covers are great for maintaining a pleasant water temperature long after the sun has set and the air has cooled down. Solar Covers do this by preventing heat loss through evaporation, which accounts for 70% of a pool’s heat loss. Evaporation of pool water can be very expensive, because it means not only replacing the water but buying more chemicals to treat the fill water. By limiting the effects of evaporation, Solar Covers save you money and help maintain a comfortable water temperature later into the season.

Solar Covers are perfect for helping you extend your season by several weeks when used by themselves, but any pool that has a heater should also be equipped with a Solar Cover to prevent the heat from escaping the pool. Installing a Solar Cover on a heated pool can help add months to your swimming season and improve the performance of your heater. Pool heaters are great for colder climates that require more than just the sun to warm up the water, but much of the energy that goes into heating a pool is lost if there is no Solar Cover. By pairing a Solar Cover with a pool heater, you extend your swimming season and save money on heating costs!


Leslie’s offers durable, high-quality Solar Covers for both in-ground and above-ground pools, and covers are available in all shapes and sizes. Along with a Solar Cover, purchasing a Solar Reel is highly recommended. These solar reels help to install and remove the cover from the pool as well as provide a safe method of storing the cover that will help prevent rips and cracks. Solar reels make it easy for one person to handle the Solar Cover, and can improve the lifespan of any cover.

If you are looking for a way to cover your pool without dealing with a large cover that must be pulled across the pool, Solar Sun Rings are an easy-to-use alternative. Made from UV-resistant vinyl, Solar Sun Rings are designed to provide the same heating and retention power as a pool cover while also being easy to handle and remove by just one person. Each Solar Sun Ring is 5 feet in diameter and rests directly on the pool's surface. For more information on Solar Sun Rings and how to size them for your pool, please visit Leslie’s Solar Sun Rings page.

Features and Tips for Using Solar Covers

  • Great for use in warm, sunny climates as well as colder climates
  • Can be used by themselves to extend your season by several weeks, or in conjunction with a pool heater to extend your season by several months
  • Solar Covers heat the water quickly during the day, and help keep the water warm at night
  • In dry, windy climates, the cover should be left on during the day. In warm, humid climates, the cover should be left off during the day and used at night to retain heat
  • For easy storage and installation, purchase a solar reel
  • If not using a solar reel, store Solar Cover by folding up and keeping in a cool, dry location
  • Made from high-quality, UV-resistant polyethylene
  • Reduces water and chemical loss due to evaporation
  • Covers keep the pool clean by preventing dirt and debris from entering the water

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