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Go Green, Save Green: Eco-Friendly Pool Tips

One of the easiest places to get started on your eco-friendly journey is in your backyard! We’ve gathered our best tips to help you save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Jacuzzi Variable Speed Pump Energy Savings Calculator

Leslie's exclusive Jacuzzi brand Energy Star Certified variable speed pumps will decrease run time and up to 80% less energy use than single speed pumps! Try out our Energy Savings Calculator to see the difference.

At-Home Relaxation and Stress Management Tips

You don’t have to venture out to the local spa, take a yoga class, or even visit a mindfulness center to put your stress behind you. 

Pool School Episode 1: Clearing a Cloudy Pool

How-to clear a cloudy pool in less than 2 minutes!

Pool School Episode 2: Hot Tubs 101

Let our animated expert share with you how hot tub and spa maintenance is really pretty simple!

Pool School Episode 3: Shocking News

In just 1 minute and 30 seconds, quickly learn all about pool shock and other sanitizers.

Pool School Episode 4: How to Clean a Pool Filter Cartridge

Learn how to clean your pool filter in just over 1 minute from our animated Pool School expert.

Pool School Episode 5: Water Testing 101

Pop Quiz! Just kidding. In this episode of Leslie's Pool School, our animated expert is teaching all about testing your pool and hot tub/spa water.

9 Easy Pool Exercises

Your pool is one of the most versatile fitness tools you can have. With just a few fun, easy exercises each day, you can get a full-body aerobic workout.