Pool Care Made Easy

[In my best "swimming pool voice"]

STOP!!!! Don’t walk away!!!! Don’t hire that guy!!!! Come take care of me!!!! It’s EASY, I’ll show you how….let’s learn how to make pool care EASY

Ok now, let’s breakdown the myth that pool care is soooo technical, soooo complex that you have to have a degree or something to understand how to take care of me. IT’S NOT SO…. Let me show you what I mean!

Here are the basics to take care of me:


Let’s remember that we are trying to contain mother nature into a fixed environment. Unlike the ocean that has living organisms and water that is always moving, I need help with that. Moving water, is happy water. How do we do this you ask? Every pool has a pump that circulates water through a filter system and back to the pool. Ideally, it would be best to run your pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just like an ocean. However, your pump should not run less than 12 hours per day.

There are several different types of pool pumps that you can purchase for your pool. Single speed pumps, dual speed pumps, and variable speed pumps are all different and come at different costs, not only for the initial investment, but the cost of operation.


The filter may be the most important piece of pool equipment. It removes dirt and debris from the pool. Therefore, it is recommended to backwash you filter regularly to allow for maximum filtration. Additionally, there are skimmer baskets both in the pump housing and in the pool that trap debris that needs to be cleaned out weekly and sometime more depending on Mother Nature. It is recommended to backwash your filter when your pressure gauge rises from 8-10 psi.

There are three types of filters. These are sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth.


Now you’re asking yourselves, how do I clean my pool? Your swimming pool should have a weekly cleaning schedule. You should perform these tasks at least once a week:

Brushing – You should brush your pool’s walls, steps and floors free from dirt, debris and algae

Checking – You should check your skimmer baskets and clean out the dirt and debris that has collected in it during the week

Vacuuming – Whether you are using a manual handheld vacuum, an automatic pressure side or suction side vacuum, or a robotic vacuum, cleaning me should be at least 2-3 times per week or more.

Testing and Chemical Care

Your pool should be tested at least once a week. You can test your pool with test kits (Taylor Technologies 18571 - DPD Basic Test Kit) or by using test strips (Leslie's Chlorine 4-Way Test Strips, 50 Count in a Waterproof Bottle). If you’re a technical person who likes apps and technology I would recommend Leslie's LES-3033-6 Insta-LINK5 Advanced SmartScan.

The importance of testing the water weekly is to be able to maintain the chemical balance of the pool. You will make adjustments as deemed necessary to maintain a chemically balanced pool. Every pool has characteristics that must be regularly measured and adjusted. Most important are the pH and the level of active sanitizer. By testing these two factors at regular intervals, you'll understand how weather and product application effects the water. The benefits of doing this will provide a sanitary swimming environment, you will be protecting your equipment as well as the pool surfaces and lastly, you will have a pool that is sparkling and inviting to swim in.

Basic Chemical Care – Now you’re asking yourselves what chemicals do I need to be a happy pool? This is what I like to recommend on how to take care of me:

  • SANITIZE me with Leslie’s Powered or Liquid Chlorine weekly. This will kill any algae or bacteria that may be in the pool. Additionally you should float in Leslie’s 3” Jumbo Tabs in a floating chlorine tab dispenser.
  • PREVENT potential algae growth by weekly using Pool Perfect + PhosFree. This is an enzyme that cuts off the food source for algae to grow in. Everything that falls into the pool has phosphates on them which is the food source for algae.
  • KEEP me sparkling clean with the benefits being eco-friendly when you use our Ultra Bright Water Clarifier. Ultra Bright is a water clarifier that turns your murky, cloudy pool water back to clear. It clears up all the fine particles in your water including dirt, oils, and other contaminants

So there you have it. Not so bad. All in all, pretty simple. NOW GO OUT THERE AND TAKE CARE OF ME!!!!!