How to get rid of Scaling

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In this Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies video, we will show you how to get rid of scaling and staining that might build up in your pool.




  • Use a pumice stone on ceramic and concrete surfaces
  • A stain eraser works on stains as well as calcium deposits
  • You can add Leslie’s Stain and Scale to your water to help get rid of stains
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Video transcription:



Hi I'm Peter with Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies and this video will teach you how to get rid of scale in your pool. Scaling occurs when calcium deposits are left on the pool surfaces after water has evaporated. This leaves a line of scale around the edge of your pool that can be difficult to remove. Here's some way you can fight scale in your pool.

A Pumice Stone can be used on ceramic tile or concrete surfaces. When using a pumice stone make sure to keep the stone and the surface you're cleaning wet all times to prevent scratching.

A stain eraser not only works on stains but alike calcium deposits as well. And Leslie’s Stain & Scale to is safe for all surfaces. This chemical was added to the water slowly to wear away the stains. They can also help prevent calcium from coming out of suspension in your water.

If you have any other questions about scale, call or visit your local Leslies Store. For more videos & pool care tips visit our website.